Tubi – The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows

On winter nights, when people are used to taking long refuge in the comfort of their blankets, I found myself in such a situation where a movie night would be the perfect way to relax. 

I was looking for recommendations on YouTube to decide on what to watch, and most importantly, where to watch. It was just my luck that I happened to stumble upon Thalia Reyes’ recommendation on the perfect place to watch movies. 


She revealed a whole new platform to me called Tubi TV, or the Tubi app, whose excellent free app that has completely changed my life! In this article, let’s discuss some of the things I learned about this app from Thalia Reyes’ recommendations. 

Tubi - The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
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About Tubi

Tubi is a completely free streaming platform and app that is 100% legal. It contains thousands of movies, tv series, and more. 

Tubi - The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
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No subscription is ever required, and you have complete access to their entire library. With a variety of genres, content from countries around the world, and a full catalog for children as well, Tubi is making waves in the streaming world.


New Content Always Being Added

I get bored quickly, and Tubi seems to know it! They are always updating the content with new releases, HD films, and more. 

You can even catch talk shows and reality shows on the service as well. 

Why Tubi Stands Out

Thalia Reyes made it a lot easier to understand what Tubi is really about. She explained that Tubi is free and an excellent option for those looking to save money while still being able to enjoy features similar to premium account holders of similar platforms.

Tubi - The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
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And it’s available for both iOS and Android too! This lets me use the app on my smartphone and on my laptop too – wherever and whenever I want. I can finally take my movies on the go! 

Your Favorite Films, For Free

After registering, Tubi lets you enter a world of movies where you can see your favorite film stars in your favorite movies again and again as much as you like. It is all entirely free of cost! I also found that part hard to believe. 

But when I began using the app and testing it out for myself, I realized that Thalia was completely right! It’s a blessing to own Tubi. 

Tubi also has an incredible feature that a user could recommend any series they would want to see on the site. After receiving your request, Tubi’s team would work to get it online for a better experience for its audience. I happened to send them many names, so will you! 

Excellent Website  

To get started, you have the option to sign up for a free account, but you don’t need to create one. Setting up an account is just a matter of providing your name, email address, and a few other basic options to make your experience a whole lot better.

Tubi - The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
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Some of these options include setting up parental controls, recalling your watch history, and adding titles to your personal queue. The web interface is very colorful and aesthetically-pleasing, making it very interesting to scroll through. 

Most of the navigation within the site occurs through a menu on the top of the website, which contains categories regarding the various TV shows, movies as other facilities available. 

While at the bottom of the page, Tubi displays recommendations for other movies after considering the choices you made, making the experience very user-oriented.

Excellent Mobile App Interface

Similarly, the app is visually very similar to the website. However, at the bottom, it has three icons called “Home”, “Discover”, and “Account.” I felt like that helped me access options instantly and conveniently, as Thalia Reyes also mentioned.

Tubi’s video player contains all the standard features, including but not limited to 30-second rewind and fast-forward buttons, a menu that allows users to conveniently control the streaming quality, and the ability to toggle closed captions with a switch.

Thalia explains in her YouTube video that the app only requires low internet speed. When I checked the minimum internet speed requirement, I was amazed as it only needed 4Mbps to operate, which is a shallow barrier compared to other similar streaming sites. It was a very distinguishing feature for me.

Free Movies and More!

Even though it’s free, Tubi bundles a substantial variety of movies and TV shows. It supports an amazing range of devices and includes a handful of extras such as the option of parental control as well as watchlist. 

Tubi - The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
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Every week new movies and series are added to the app. It regularly updates to meet the need of the rapidly improving world while assuring its promise of a worthwhile experience

One main thing I like about Tubi is that, compared to other free apps, there aren’t that many ads to bear! I loved being able to avoid annoying endless adverts. 

Another good thing about Tubi is that applying a VPN does not affect the streaming experience. In fact, it enhances it by allowing you to stream shows not available in your country at that point in time.

Storage Needs

One great relief you get by downloading Tubi is not having to download the movies or shows before seeing them – Tubi takes time-consuming downloading hours away from you! 

This solves the need for having more extensive storage. In Tubi, you could play movies and shows, and it won’t take up any of your essential storage. If you’re like me, storage space on your devices is often on the lower side so this is a big help. 

Once you have signed in to your account, you won’t always have to sign every time you load the app as it remembers your login credentials, and where you left off in your show on a device. Unless there is a technical or a security issue, you remain logged into the device and can use it for as long as you need to.


Tubi’s compatibility stretches across many devices as it does not use up and internal storage; this is because you aren’t required to download shows or movies. 

Tubi - The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
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Also, because it is available in all the world’s major operating systems, its reach has spread worldwide, attracting many users every day to sign up for an exciting experience.

The application also supports old phone versions, enabling people across the different spectrum to participate and enjoy the various movies and shows available on the platform.

Safety and Weekly Updates

Unlike many other streaming services, Tubi is entirely legal and does not incorporate any dubious sites that would risk your privacy and security. It is legal because it pays up for all of its content through sponsors and does not acquire illegal means to get their content. 

No security warnings will appear while using the app, and the threat of being redirected to another site is not all present. This is another reason why I prefer to use Tubi because I think it’s very important to remain safe while having fun on the web! 

Downloading the App and Sign Up

The Tubi app is available to download for Android and iOS mobile devices. It is free to download and free to use.

Tubi - The Amazing Free App that Thalia Reyes Recommends with Thousands of Movies and TV Shows
Image Source: Tubitv

For iOS users, search for the name ‘Tubi’ on the Apple App Store application on your device. Select the app from the search results. Then, on Tubi’s download page on the app store, click ‘Get’ to begin downloading to your device.

After the installation is complete, launch the app. It will ask you to sign in using social media sign-in partners or create a login with an email address. Once you’re set-up with an account, you can begin watching!

Android and Smart TV

To download onto an Android device, open the Google Play Store and search for ‘Tubi’ in the search bar. After choosing the correct app from the search results, click the install button to begin downloading to your device. 

Once it’s finished, launch the app. Log-in using the recommended social media partners or create a unique login for the app. When you’ve successfully logged in you can begin watching!

Downloading Tubi for Android TV is slightly different; you will have to search for the Play Store application from your smart TV’s home screen. After this, just click on the install button, and you’ll have it installed in no time! 


By following Thalia’s recommendations, I’m so happy to have found Tubi and no longer have to download movies every time I want to watch something.

With just the click of a few buttons, I can easily find the movie of my liking on Tubi and sit back and relax. I’m confident that you would also feel the same, along with Thalia and myself, so do give free streaming a try!