Is Gmail Down? Learn How to Check Here

Most of us use Gmail on a daily basis, and when it goes down it can be extremely frustrating. Google as a whole is a go-to search engine with a suite of other services like email, and so we rely on it a lot.

So when Google or Gmail get finicky, it can disrupt our day. The problem could just be your internet connection, but other times it might have something to do with Google servers. Sometimes you just don’t know.


You try to send an email and it fails to send so you automatically think Gmail is down. Up next we’re going to help you operate with a little more knowledge by telling you how to know if Google is down.

Is Gmail Down? Learn How to Check Here
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How to Check If Gmail Is Down

If you have trouble accessing your Gmail account, there might be issues with the server. It could also just be that you have a faulty connection.

Before you begin troubleshooting, it is always best to check if there are internet outages in your area. You will save a lot of time if you can determine if that is what the problem is.


Different Status

To check if Gmail is down, you can go to the G Suite Status Dashboard. Check the Gmail status and see if it is experiencing any issues or if there is a service interruption.

A green status will let you know that there are no issues whereas orange indicates an interruption. Red status means that there is a service outage.

If you have a green status and you can’t open up Gmail, it could be that you have a localized issue.


This means that the issue is not on Gmail’s side. If the status is either red or orange, there should be a prompt that will explain the situation and the timeline when it is going to be fixed.

Finding Solutions

If the issue is within your computer, there are several steps that you can take. Check out the Gmail Help Center and select the problem that you are currently experiencing. It will provide you with some troubleshooting steps.

You can access the Gmail Help Center and select Fix A Problem. Select the category based on the issue that you have and you can start applying those steps to resolve your concern.

Another method to try is to close your browser and open it again. You may also want to try and use a different browser to isolate the issue. Clear your browser’s cache and open Gmail again to see if it works.

Scan your computer for malware. You may also try and restart your computer along with your router and check later on if it would resolve the issue. Sometimes, all the system needs is a quick refresh.

Is Gmail Down? Learn How to Check Here
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Reporting an Issue

If you are still unable to find a solution to your problem, you can always contact Gmail Support. Explain your issue thoroughly and provide a timeline along with the steps that you have taken.

This will allow them to provide you with more advanced steps to try and resolve the issue.

You can also report this through the Google feedback option. Select Settings in Gmail and click on Send Feedback. Describe the issue as detailed as possible.

Attach a screenshot of the issue if you can capture one and press Send. A representative will get back to you with the assistance that you need.

Reasons Why Gmail Is Down

While Google and Gmail rarely go down, there are still many factors that can cause the service to be interrupted. Network issues can affect your connection to Gmail.

As for Google’s side, there are hundreds of things that could go wrong to cause the service to go down. Nevertheless, they will always post an update on what happened on their end if ever their services do get interrupted.


Gmail provides us with a stable email service but there will also be times when it suffers from outages and technical issues. No system is perfect and Gmail is not an exception. 

The good thing about it is that you can easily check Gmail support to find out if it is their issue. If it’s not Gmail, then you can start figuring out whether it’s your computer or an internet issue.