Discover How to Watch NBA Online and For Free

Streaming services compete with TV shows and sports networks today. Live streaming services on mobile devices are slowly taking over and the chances of you being able to watch your favorite NBA game online for free are getting slimmer.

Fortunately, there is an app called fuboTV that lets you stream your favorite sports all day long. The app has tons of live sports and on-demand entertainment content alongside 4K resolution and capable DVR functionality.

Discover more features and how you can watch NBA games online for free in this article.

  • Get Your Basketball Fix with fuboTV
  • Watch NBA Games Live
  • Choose from a Long List of Entertaining Shows and Movies
  • How You Can Watch NBA Online for Free
Discover How to Watch NBA Online and For Free
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Get Your Basketball Fix with fuboTV

With all the streaming services available today, it can be very hard to watch your favorite shows and movies all at the same time, especially for those that love to watch NBA games. 

Discover How to Watch NBA Online and For Free
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fuboTV is a great streaming service that will make your TV viewing experience more fun, relaxing, and up-to-date. Gone are the days when you can only watch one show at a time. 

With fuboTV, you can watch your favorite NBA games and then head over to another channel to watch your favorite TV show, even if it just aired. fuboTV has over hundreds of different channels catered to its millions of viewers. 

Whether your like TV shows, movies, or regional sports in your area, you can watch all of that live on the app.


How to Download and Stream

There are a lot of advantages to using fuboTV to stream your favorite NBA games online. One of which is that you don’t need to set up a lot of devices and have to deal with wires in the process. 

All you need to do is to download the fuboTV app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and log in. Choose your favorite sport or show to watch and simply start streaming either on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or your smart TV. 

If you want to watch it on your television, make sure you either have a smart TV or a device like Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick.


Watch NBA Games Live

The NBA offers great entertainment and as fans of the game, you do not want to miss all the basketball action on your screen. 

This is why fuboTV makes it more convenient for you as an NBA fan to watch it on the app instead of watching it live on TV. You can watch the entire game on demand, even if the game has already aired. 

With the app, you can watch both live and on-demand depending on your current situation. If you’re working late and you want to be on the amazing action, you can simply tune it at a later time and start watching from start to end. 

You won’t miss any of the action when you watch NBA online with fuboTV.

Stream NBA Games at the Same Time

If you’re a sports fan, you will surely love the Multiview feature of fuboTV. This feature is one of the best in the app, especially if you have different devices or screens. 

You can watch different streams on up to four different screens all at the same time. This makes it easier to watch different NBA games that are airing at the same time. 

It’s also great if you own a bar or host a watch party with your friends and family that are fans of different basketball teams. There is even a live scorecard present at the bottom of the screen so you can keep up with all of the games.

Choose from a Long List of Entertaining Shows and Movies

Part of the reason why many people are dropping their TV sets and replacing them with apps like fuboTV is the convenience of watching their favorite TV shows and movies on demand. 

Discover How to Watch NBA Online and For Free
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People are way too busy working hard to watch television unlike before but they also need the entertainment that these shows bring. fuboTV provides the answer by allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies live. 

If you do miss the show, you can always search on the app’s library to find the on-demand video for the episode which becomes available a few minutes after it airs.

Watch Your Favorite Shows in High Definition

One of the many reasons why people love to watch their NBA games online is because of the high-quality resolution. Many mobile devices these days often have 4K resolution which makes the entire game more immersive. 

fuboTV offers you the option to enjoy and let yourself immersed in the games with its 4K HD resolution.

How You Can Watch NBA Online for Free

fuboTV offers its services for free for the first seven days after registering an account. After that, you will need to purchase a subscription to enjoy all the app’s features. 

Discover How to Watch NBA Online and For Free
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The app will charge you $64.99 per month for unlimited access to all the sports, TV shows, movies, and everything else in full HD resolution. It will automatically renew every month until you decide to cancel your subscription. 

The app also features the Elite package where you gain access to 4K streams in certain sports events like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup. It is worth upgrading to the Elite package as it also unlocks even more screens for you to stream. 

Certain packages also have exclusive channels like the Latino Package, Premium Channels and Services, and International Channel Packages that cost additional charges.

Share the Screen with the Entire Family

One concern that many people often have with streaming apps like fuboTV is the number of screens that can be played with a single account. With fuboTV, you can enroll up to six user profiles. 

If you subscribe to any of the packages on fuboTV, you will have more than enough for the entire household. You can have at most 10 screens that get unlimited simultaneous streams with any of the packages that you subscribe to. 


With fuboTV, you can get rid of your cable subscription now that you have everything you need when it comes to sports and entertainment. Those who watch a lot of live sports should get the fuboTV app. It offers some of the widest range of sports channels available in the world.