“Tabor Hills” Shows How to Win a Rainbow Fog Wrap in Fortnite for Free With This App

The Rainbow Fog Wrap is a cosmetic item that you can get in Fortnite. It was available for a limited time, and unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to get it through the in-game challenge.

Thankfully, I found this YouTube video by Tabor Hill, who made this convenient and concise explanation on how I could still get the wrap. Thanks to his video, I could get this exclusive cosmetic – for free – by simply downloading this handy app that will come in quite handy when playing Fortnite.


If you missed out on getting this exclusive weapon and vehicle wrap, here’s how I did it with the help of Tabor Hill.

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What Is Fortnite?

For the uninformed, here is a quick rundown on what this massive gaming phenomenon is. Fortnite is a battle royale-style game that came out midway through 2017.

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Since its release, it took the gaming world by storm, quickly becoming one of the most popular video games in the world.


Even if you aren’t a gamer, you’ll likely have heard of Fortnite thanks to its massive success and popularity. Much of its success comes from its collaborations with various groups and companies.

This has led to what are essentially Fortnite cameos across all forms of media, which can be downloaded from Epic Games easily.

Fortnite Changed How Gaming Was Perceived

Everyone knew about gaming as a hobby and potential career, but most people and businesses often dismissed it.


When Fortnite exploded like it did, it brought the world of gaming to the foreground. Fortnite has helped bring gaming further up the food chain in terms of modern media.

Why Cosmetics Are Important in Fortnite

Cosmetic items can be found in almost every online multiplayer game. They play an integral role in allowing players to distinguish themselves from other players.

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While many might disagree, cosmetics are a vital part of online multiplayer culture, and it’s why they make a popular basis for making money.

Some skins are available for free by completing various challenges or doing specific things.

But most skins are either bought from the item store using the in-game currency called V-Bucks or earned from the Battle Pass.

Rock Your Style

In many cases, your cosmetics can also act as trophies for your accomplishments.

Because of the sheer amount of variety of cosmetics, there is a huge incentive to go all in to make your character as extravagant as you can.

Sure, you might run into other players with similar gear and looks, but the chances of you two being exactly the same is quite slim.

What Is the Rainbow Fog Wrap?

The Rainbow Fog wrap is a type of cosmetic item available in Fortnite. Wraps are decorative items that can be applied to weapons and vehicles that you pick up and use throughout the match.

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They are another way that you can stand out from the crowd aside from character skins.

The Rainbow Fog Wrap is an exclusive item that was available for a limited time back in 2020. The wrap has this animated, shifting fog effect that displays a beautiful array of colors.

Thus, you can understand why I so desperately wanted it, even though I missed my chance.

This Wrap Is Kind of Special

Because it’s technically a limited edition skin, it is a bit rarer than others.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter other players with it, but you may notice that you stick out from the crowd a bit more thanks to it being rarer than most.

How Was the Rainbow Fog Wrap Previously Available?

The only way to obtain the Rainbow Fog Wrap was to take part in the six-day challenge between November 20 and November 26th.

Image Source: @Tabor Hill / YouTube

You could win the Rainbow Fog Wrap if you played five matches in Fortnite with friends.

When I missed my chance, I was quite disappointed. However, YouTuber Tabor Hill brought to my attention another way that you can get the wrap.

Using this method, you can actually still get the wrap even though the challenge has long since ended.

The Challenge Might Not Have Been Difficult

This skin was by no means a challenge to get.

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone was going to be able to get it, as there was a relatively small window of time in which you could obtain it.

What Is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a social networking app that is available for iOS devices. They’ve taken a very different approach to how they connect people.

Image Source: HITC

Instead of individual texts and group chats, you instead get notifications when your friends come online, and then you can join their group video chat. Coincidentally, Houseparty was also developed by Epic Games, the company that made Fortnite.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before they did some sort of cross-program collaboration, and what do you know? Tabor Hill’s video was covering that very same topic.

Houseparty Is an Awesome Way to Connect With Friends

Later, we’ll go into more detail about just how you can use Houseparty.

Because you can quickly and easily set up group video calls that you and your friends can join at the press of the button, you can all play and react together face-to-face.

The Fortnite and Houseparty Collaboration

Since the same group or company makes them, it only makes sense that there would eventually be some kind of collaboration and integration of one into the other.

Image Source: Epic Games

It was announced on November 18, 2020, that Houseparty was somehow integrated into Fortnite.

This union of two of Epic Games’ platforms meant that you could use Houseparty as a means of communication while playing together with friends.

Plus, there would be actual support and integration built into the game to make it that much easier to use and play around with.

This Partnership Could Lead to Better Communication Formats In-Game

Most gamers, especially those on PC, defer to things like Discord, TeamSpeak, or other platforms that are specifically designed to help bring gamers together to communicate with each other.

This Fortnite x Houseparty collab could mean that console gamers have an option similar to that of PC gamers.

How Is Houseparty Linked to the Rainbow Fog Wrap?

This collaboration wasn’t going to be announced without there being some kind of incentive to take part in it.

Image Source: Epic Games

As Tabor Hill pointed out in his video, there is an actual reward for taking part in this collaboration yourself.

That reward is the coveted Rainbow Fog Wrap. With Houseparty officially joining up with and being integrated into Fortnite, both you and I once again have the chance to grab the Rainbow Fog Wrap.

Getting the wrap is quite easy now – easier than before, in fact, because you don’t even need to play the game.

This Is One of Many Rewards for Participation

Again, many skins and cosmetic items are either bought from the store with V-Bucks or are earned by playing the game and making progress through your Battle Pass.

Additionally, Fortnite and Epic Games tend to have plenty of different partnerships that allow you to get all kinds of items.

How to Get the Rainbow Fog Wrap Using Houseparty

Tabor’s video tells you how to get the wrap for free. He pointed out that, previously, when you launched Fortnite after it was announced, you got a pop-up about the partnership and the process.

Image Source: Tech Times

Tabor Hill described this process in his video, which I’ll quickly sum up for you here. You’ll first want to download, install, and have a Houseparty account ready to go.

Once you’re logged in, you can use the app to connect your Houseparty account to your Epic Games account.

It’s as Simple as That

All you need to do is have your Houseparty account linked to your Epic Games account.

Once they detect that you’ve done so, all you need to do is exit and re-enter the game, and you will have an item waiting for you – the Rainbow Fog Wrap.

How to Use Houseparty

Now, you might want the wrap and not care for Houseparty, and that’s okay. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what else you can do with the app. Thankfully, it’s simple to use.

Image Source: Epic Games

Once you’ve connected your accounts, launch Fortnite and make sure your device is positioned so that it can see your face.

Now, open the app, connect to Fortnite, and join your friends’ group video call. You’ll now have all of your friends’ video feeds on the left of your game.

Safety First

There are also plenty of different safety features if you’re a parent with a child who is looking to try this out. With parental controls, you can turn off the video chat entirely if you want to.


Houseparty is a nifty app that has helped me stay in touch with my friends without needing to divide my attention between them and our game.

The fact that I got another opportunity to get one of my favorite wraps in-game is just the icing on top.