Radio Tips: The Best XM Stations

XM stations are online satellite radio services available in the US and Canada. They are usually operated through Sirius XM Holdings, and you must pay for the service to access it on analog or cable television.

This service features around 73 music channels, talk, and entertainment channels as well as news, sports, and weather channels. The XM channels are managed by Arbitron, which is the label XM. 


The company was created in 1988 and was formed as part of the American Mobile Satellite Corporation (AMSC). It featured a collection of many different organizations that were dedicated to satellite broadcasting.

Radio Tips: The Best XM Stations
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AMSC however developed a new unit that they called the AMRC – American Mobile Radio Corporation that was specifically dedicated to developing a satellite-based radio service. This then spun into the XM Satellite Radio Holdings in 1999. 

Tips for Listening to XM Stations

Always consider the satellite receiver you currently have, and if you have an outdated stereo as this will affect quality. If you are using your card, replace the whole radio thing with a new head unit to make it more effective. 


However, if you just want to have satellite capabilities, then a dock and play model or a receiver would be just fine. Now, if you are going to be buying a new radio receiver, ensure to pay close attention to the power needs of the new radio. 

This is because some stereos tend to draw in a lot of power and you could end up risking and straining the car battery. 

XM for Vehicles

If you are going to replace the factory radio in your vehicle ncluding the connecting speakers, please note that large speakers tend to require a high amount of power output. So, ensure that the head unit and the battery are compatible.


The new card usually comes with satellite radio compatibility, but you may not easily access this. This is because they are not made to work specifically with XM. 

Therefore, opting for a new satellite radio receiver will make it easier for you to listen to XM radio stations in your vehicle.

The 3 Best XM Radio Stations

Here are some of the best XM radio stations.

SiriusXM Hits 1 – Channel Number 2

This is probably one of the most famous channels on the XM stations list, and most people love it as it tends to play your favorite songs over and over again. 

So, if you have a song that you want to keep listening to, then this is the station you should be on.

The most notable show on the station is the Morning Mashup that’s put together by a party girl, and a sports-obsessed pretty boy. 

With them, you are going to have a great and real morning listening to some Taylor Swift music, The Weekend, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, etc.

POP2K – Channel Number 10

For all of your pop hits from the 2000s, this is the channel for you. You will get to reminisce with Nelly, Maroon 5, Nickleback, and many more 2000-era bands.

The notable host for this channel is Rich Davis and he is a pop culture aficionado of this decade and you can join him every afternoon to enjoy some of the greatest music. 

You can use your internet connection to connect to this channel.

The Beatles Channel – Number 18

If you are a fan of the Beatles, this station is for you. This channel is dedicated to them, and it plays their music all day long 24/7. 

They also feature some of the best interviews and exclusive shows. 

Radio Tips: The Best XM Stations
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If you love listening to the radio, then check out the above XM stations at your leisure and have some fun with them. They will need you to have at least a Wi-Fi connection to get them at your home. Have fun.