Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

Nowadays, mobile phones can be turned into televisions. Television channels and content are now available on phones through mobile applications.


One of the popular TV apps available today is Freecable TV by MixerBox. While there is no content on Freecable TV’s servers or network, it serves as a search engine for videos on different sites.

Learn more about this app and its content below. Discover how to install and set up the Freecable TV app to transform mobile phones into televisions.

  • What Is MixerBox?
  • How to Install the MixerBox Freecable TV App
  • Is the Freecable TV App Legal?
  • How to Create an Account on the Freecable TV App
  • What Are the Available TV Shows on the Freecable TV App
  • How to Watch on the Freecable TV App

Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

What Is MixerBox?

MixerBox is a Super-Apps technology company that makes life easier for people through its 24/7 mobile apps platform for daily essentials. MixerBox is backed by the Silicon Valley startup accelerator Y Combinator.


Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

MixerBox apps have been downloaded more than 300 million times around the world. MixerBox users can browse with MB AceBrowser, watch MB FreecableTV, wake up to MB AlarmTunes, play MB Games, read MB NewsDash, shop with MB Cashback, and go to sleep with MB Inspire Meditation.

The company wants to make life easier for people by becoming the “Anything, Anytime Super-Apps Platform.” John Lai, MixerBox’s founder, believes that its mission can be achieved one app at a time.

What Is the MixerBox Freecable TV App?

The Freecable TV product of MixerBox ensures that everyone is always up to date on the most recent breaking news, trending headlines, and stories from all across the world.

Freecable TV aims to let its users enjoy limitless pleasure with the best TV shows, TV series with full episodes, popular movies, celebrity talk shows, and live weather stations. The product can also provide entertainment to its users.

There are numerous channels for live sports games, kids and family cartoons, sitcoms, music, documentaries, stand-up comedians, reality programs, and more—all within the same app. MixerBox has something to offer across all ages with this product.

How to Install the MixerBox Freecable TV App

MixerBox is a company that designs super apps. One of its main products is the Freecable TV app, which acts like a cable TV for free. All  Freecable TV app users can enjoy its content in terms of TV channels without paying for any subscription plans.

Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

One’s phone can also serve as a TV with the app. Users may kill time by opening the app, which gives them access to a wide choice of TV programming, including movies, variety shows, and series.

Since the company aims to make everyone’s phone a TV, they designed the Freecable TV app to be available for Android and iOS devices. Thus, the Freecable TV app is free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

The Freecable TV app is entirely free, so there are no premium subscription plans or in-app purchase items. The Freecable TV app is compatible with AndroidOS 5.0 (and up) and iOS 13.0 (or later).

How to Setup the App

Like any other app, the Freecable TV app must only be installed properly from either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. No other requirements are needed for the app to be installed on mobile devices.

The Freecable TV app asks permission to access the user’s location as it is only available in the United States. Moreover, the app must access the mobile device’s photos, videos, and other media files.

Is the Freecable TV App Legal?

MixerBox clarified that the app is a third-party API player that follows YouTube’s rules. Thus, all the content available on the app complies with YouTube’s legal requirements.

Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

All YouTube videos, episodes, music, and TV shows, including but not limited to ABC, CBS, CNBC, CNN, ESPN, Fox, MSNBC, NBA, and NBC, are played using the official YouTube embedded player through the YouTube API.

Meanwhile, some of the TV shows on the app, like FTV, are also hosted on its streaming platform. This streaming platform is not YouTube, so the company secured permission from the show’s publishers to use the said platform.

This app is not made by or for any online media services. MixerBox clarified that the Freecable TV app is just an unofficial third-party client that follows their third-party API terms of service. The app is solely owned by MixerBox and not any media services available on the Freecable TV app.

Is the App Safe?

Aside from being legal, MixerBox ensures that the Freecable TV app is safe. It promised to protect the data privacy of its users. It enumerated the information it will collect from its users, which are the following.

  • Location
  • Messages (emails)
  • Personal Information (name, email address, and user ID)
  • Photos and videos
  • App activity
  • App info and performance
  • Device ID

MixerBox promised that all the data collected from the Freecable TV app users will only be used to improve the service. These pieces of information will not be shared with other third-party entities.

However, the app did not mention that all collected information would be appropriately encrypted during the analysis. The developer also did not provide a way for users to request that their data be deleted.

How to Create an Account on the Freecable TV App

There is no need for users to pay for anything to use the Freecable TV app, as it is entirely free. Instead, it only requires users to create an account. They must provide an email address to proceed with the Freecable TV app.

Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

Then, there will be a verification code that will be sent to the entered email address. It is important to note that this code is valid for only 10 minutes. After the given period, the users need to request another code by tapping the “Resend code” button.

The account registration ends once the app verifies the user using the sent code. Users may now proceed to enjoy the Freecable TV app’s content and channels.

How to Customize the Recommended Content

The Freecable TV app allows users to have a customized experience by choosing their favorite and preferred channels, shows, and other content. Users may add as many channels and shows as they want to their list.

The app already provides narrowed options by displaying popular channels, such as History, Fox News, CNN, ABC News, Animal Planet, NFL, WWE, NBA on TNT, UFC, MSBN, and many more.

Users may include some popular shows and movies in their list, like Family Guy, The Masked Singer, Locke, etc. Classics are also available on the app, such as The Simpsons. The Freecable TV app asks for the users’ gender and age to finalize the customization.

What Are the Available TV Shows on the Freecable TV App?

Aside from having free news channels, the Freecable TV app boasts an extensive library of available TV shows. The app definitely has something to offer to all ages catering to their varying preferences and interests.

Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

Some of the TV Show genres available on the Freecable TV app include local news, international news, sports, comedies, horrors, westerns, kids shows, and lifestyle tv.

In addition, users can also find reality shows, documentaries, educational programs, cooking shows, fitness programs, action shows, and animations.

Some specific channels and shows that the app has are Animal Planet, Discovery, FOX, TLC, and many more. Users may also find The Ellen Generes Show or Project Runway episodes.

Movies Available on the App

Besides TV shows and channels, the Freecable TV app has a wide array of free movies. The films available on the app are across genres, like comedy, action, thriller, drama, horror, romance, family, sci-fi, fantasy, and documentary.

The platform also displays all the most viewed movies, such as The Whole Truth, Senior Moment, Under the Skin, 1408, 10 Items or Less, The Adderall Diaries, Georgina Rule, Lean on Pete, Very Good Girls, Outlander, and many more.

How to Watch TV on the Freecable TV App

Watching any content on the app is easy, as it only requires one tap to play the video. However, the app provides relevant information about the show or movie to inform the users.

Discover How to Watch Live TV Online on Mobile

There is a synopsis available for movies and TV show episodes written preview. Users may also check the trailer video before proceeding to the main video. The original site is displayed upon playing content on the platform.

Like any typical video player, it is possible to adjust the volume and ratio. Some videos and content also have captions or subtitles to enjoy the show further. The app also encourages users to leave comments on the discussion tab to interact with other users.

Other Content on the Freecable TV App

MixerBox knows that people do not only settle for TV shows and movies. People love to watch short videos in their free time. Thus, the company provided the “Trending” tab on the Freecable TV app.

The Trending tab contains all the hot topics of the moment. All the content on this tab is videos, including trending news reports, TV shows, movie clips, and others. Users can also check the time the videos are uploaded to see how updated they are with the latest issues and trending topics.

Users may also discover some popular and upcoming YouTube stars on the app.


The Freecable TV app transforms the phone into a TV by providing free channels, TV shows, and movies. MixerBox created the Freecable TV app as a third-party API to stream the shows on YouTube. Meanwhile, some media publishers permitted the app to stream their content.