How to Use the Workflowy App for Better Organization

If you organize projects then you need to know about Workflowy. It is a web and mobile app that’s dynamic, flexible, and straightforward, WorkFlowy provides digitalized bullet journaling and other sorts of list-making.

Whether it’s a weekly grocery list for anyone in your family or a project schedule for a colleague, you can use WorkFlowy to not only create lists but also share them.


The Workflowy app’s excellent design makes it attractive to use and continue using. It’s fast and responsive, but simplistic and sophisticated. To learn how to use the Workflowy app for better organization, read on.

How to Use the Workflowy App for Better Organization
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What Is Workflowy App?

WorkFlowy is an app that allows users to make lists for organizing and note-taking: personal to-dos, reminders, team tasks, research papers, among others.

It is a text-based, zoomable document that is versatile enough for anyone’s manner of organizing ideas.


It is an unpretentious application for list-making, which, when opened for the first time, shows the user a single bullet.

It does, however, provide users with no limitations on how they want their ideas and lists to be arranged. As long as users are typing, it will continue to take notes.

User Interface

The web-based WorkFlowy tool has a simple, streamlined interface that makes it easy for people to simply write about everything and organize bullets into lists.


It is not possible to adjust the font size, but they can select from a collection of font types that are applied globally.

A text can be made bold, italic, or underlined by users. You can make easy-to-structure nested lists, and even move items up or down the list. Users can simultaneously pick various items and execute bulk actions.

How to Use the Workflowy App for Better Organization
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Search, Expand, and Collapse

In this organizing tool, all things generated are fully searchable. To mark important matters, users may also use hashtags.

A menu that allows users to tag an item as complete, add a note to it, export, repeat or delete, appears by clicking on the bullets.

Navigating the lists is also very easy by merely pointing the mouse at the top or before the bullet, in which a plus or minus sign shows up to allow users to expand or collapse the list.

Shared Links, Archiving, Mobile Apps, and More

WorkFlowy enables users to share lists via shared links for collaboration. Users can archive and hide ‘completed’ items with one click to help organize a growing list, but still have it visible with one click as well.

Last March 2018, a new iOS application was released, and last April 2018, its Android equivalent. Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop apps are also available. To remind users of what they’ve accomplished that day, it also has a regular email digest.

Color formatting is not available, but a third-party tool has developed a Chrome extension known as Painter.

It offers a list of 17 colors and can also be used in marker mode. There is a multi-tagger bookmarklet available from a third party as well.

How to Use the Workflowy App for Better Organization
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Pricing and Plans

WorkFlowy has a free version of the tool with some restrictions, such as allowing only 250 new items to be added to your lists per month. You are given a further 250 new items to add monthly.

You also cannot modify some of the settings, including the font used for your lists and the background theme with WorkFlowy Free.

These constraints are eliminated by a paid version of the app, called WorkFlowy Pro. It costs $4.99 a month, or $49 annually.

WorkFlowy Pro members can generate as many list items as they want, and to back up their content, they have an option to connect to a Dropbox account. They also get the option of protecting any lists that they share.

Bottom Line

For its simple elegance and capabilities, list-makers will love WorkFlowy to act as a collaborative to-do app. You don’t need internal storage to get things done. With its usability and design, it is on the right track.