How Mobile Health Apps Are Helping Patients

The fact that we are living in a world that is under a pandemic means healthcare must be a priority. In these trying times, mobile health apps are needed to help us monitor ourselves.

Mobile health apps are a rising trend within the healthcare system. In less than a few years, there have been more than 100,000 health apps created that can be downloaded either through the Google Playstore or the App Store.


Most of these apps cater to our general health while others focus on care for a specific type of care for a certain condition. These apps are highly valued within the medical community as they enhance patient care.

How Mobile Health Apps Are Helping Patients
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Reduce Healthcare Costs

Chronic illness has always been one of the leading causes of high hospital bills. Overall, the cost of having diabetes or even high blood pressure can reach high levels if left unchecked.

These chronic illnesses are highly preventable if only they are detected early. The application of mobile health apps such as those that count your daily steps or measure your blood pressure can help.


Individuals who see a spike in their blood pressure during its early stages would immediately want to seek a doctor thus taking action before the condition worsens.

All in all, these mobile health apps help reduce the costs of healthcare and medicine.

Effective Healthcare Intervention

The use of mobile health apps helps collect data from the individual so doctors can make a sound intervention that could prevent even further complications. Apps that monitor food intake including sugar levels and calories. 


This could very well mean that it can monitor the chances of people developing diabetes especially those who are predisposed to the condition.

With the use of this information, doctors can provide a healthcare plan that the patient can follow creating a very effective healthcare intervention long before the condition worsens.

How Mobile Health Apps Are Helping Patients
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Easy Access to Data

Hospitals and healthcare workers deal with vital information every day. These apps have already gathered essential information and with proper consent. Healthcare workers can use this information from the patient.

Patient history, vitals, prescription medications, previous lab results, and many important data can be used by healthcare providers to exact proper action against different conditions.

Easy access to data also makes it easier for healthcare workers to provide good quality care and prevention. Mobile health apps can easily transfer test results and other data to your file for health workers to check.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Certain mobile health apps let you set an appointment with the doctor at any given time. This way, patients will not have to line up in the outpatient department and wait for long hours just to see a doctor.

The app alone does that for you. Another app can even help you consult a doctor right inside your home via video call. 

Numerous mobile health apps help you gain access to a medical doctor without ever having to leave your home, especially during these times.

Of course, these transactions will come with a cost but the convenience of having to talk to a doctor whenever you need them is undeniably useful.


Chronic diseases are costing countries billions of lost dollars which can easily be prevented if people are taking good care of themselves. This can be quite difficult as staying healthy can be a challenge.

But mobile health apps help promote a sense of ownership of one’s health as well as allow access to medical care at your fingertips.  These apps alone can help save lives in the long run.