Citibank – Learn How to Download the App

I often do banking on my phone these days since there are a lot of benefits to it. This is also the reason why I’m opting for a bank that meets all of my online banking needs. For that, I’ve discovered that there is only one mobile banking app that allows me to do all the things that I need and that’s the Citibank app.

Citibank offers a convenient mobile app for its account holders. Every feature on this app lets me send, receive, and do many other transactions with a simple tap of the screen and I don’t even have to worry about security. The Citibank app has even more features that I’m going to talk about later on.

If you are looking for a worldwide trusted bank that meets all the criteria, I daresay Citibank has it all. Check out my thoughts down below on how to use the app, how to download the app, what its key features are, and more down below.

  • A Bank App Packed with Features Made for You
  • Secure Your Account with Different Login Modes
  • Monitoring Your Credit Score
  • Learn How You Can Redeem Your Rewards
  • Many More Benefits to Take Advantage Of
CitiBank - Learn How to Download the App
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A Bank App Packed with Features Made for You

The Citibank app is loaded with features that are aimed at people who want to do online mobile banking. Nowadays, it is very convenient to do online mobile banking but it can also pose some serious threats.

CitiBank - Learn How to Download the App
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This is why I’m always wary of choosing banks that offer online mobile banking. Fortunately, Citibank offers the best features that make them highly regarded as the most secure bank online. I can easily access my account, do transactions, and log out once I am done.

It’s as easy as doing it inside the bank but at the convenience of your own home and your own time. The fast navigation system lets me quickly go through the different menus and transact my money in real-time.

There are even more features to be discussed down below so check it out.


Downloading the Citibank App in the Safest Way

Safety and security is always the main concern when it comes to online mobile banking. From the start, you want to make sure that you are downloading the app safely on a secured platform.

This is the reason why I only recommend that you download the Citibank app at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. They offer the best protection when downloading the app.

To download the Citibank app, tap Install and wait until the app is fully installed. Tap Open to launch the app and log in using your credentials to start using the app.


Secure Your Account with Different Login Modes

As I’ve mentioned a while ago, the safety and security of my account are the utmost priority when it comes to online mobile banking. I wouldn’t be doing this if not for Citibank’s commitment to bringing the security of my account to the forefront.

CitiBank - Learn How to Download the App
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They offer three different login modes that keep my account secure. I can sign in and log in to my account using my fingerprint and for those who have devices that allow for facial recognition, you can also activate Face ID.

For the traditional ones, you can log in to the account using a user ID and a password. Just make sure that your password is complex enough that it meets the standards set by the app.

With these different login modes, I’m assured that my account is safe all the time.

Introducing a Plethora of Payment Options for Your Convenience

Citibank is a world-famous bank that also offers a lot of options for its users. One of the features that I like about using their app is that they offer a plethora of payment options for me to choose from. This way, I get to plan my payments through schedules.

The app offers an option for me to pay off a large purchase over time through monthly installments. These payments are fixed and with interest rates but they are quite flexible with the options at hand.

I can even add my account to a digital wallet which further opens more payment options thus allowing me to pay certain bills and other purchases made outside of my account. It is such a convenient feature for someone who is always on the go.

Monitoring Your Credit Score

Most of the time, I’m always left in the dark when it comes to my credit score. I don’t have the time to check it out with the bank as I’m busy all the time.

CitiBank - Learn How to Download the App
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Thankfully, the Citibank app now has a feature that lets me monitor my credit score through the Services tab. This allows me to plan my credits and pay them properly to boost my score and rating. It also displays all of my credit card transactions which affect my score.

This feature also lets me see a breakdown of all the purchases I’ve made using my credit card as well as the factors that affected my credit score.

It’s nice to have an option where I get to control the way I spend and manage my credit score.

Increase Your Credit Limit

Having a good credit score means that I also get to increase my credit limit. The request for a credit limit increase can be done within the app. All I need to do is apply for the increase and wait until I get approved.

This is why having a good credit score is important since the approval for such a request will heavily depend on this, among many other factors.

While the app has this feature readily available, there are also times when users will be required to make a call for such a transaction. This can either be for further verification or some might be required to provide more information.

Learn How You Can Redeem Your Rewards

Using the mobile app, you can also redeem different kinds of rewards. This is one of the major reasons why I often use the app for purchases and other transactions.

CitiBank - Learn How to Download the App
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Every time I use the app, I get points and I can then redeem different rewards. You can check out all the rewards that you can redeem through the app at the redemption options.

For those who have different credit cards, there is also a separate reward system for you so be sure to use them whenever you can.

View Your Account Within a Snapshot

The Citibank app is one of the easiest mobile apps to use for online transactions. With just a tap of a button, I can do more than when I am at the bank or the ATM.

The Citi Mobile Snapshot feature allows me to see all the basic information from my account. I get to see the most recent transactions down to the balances without having to log in every time I want to see this information.

Of course, there is still the need to provide identification so be sure to follow the necessary protocol.

Many More Benefits to Take Advantage Of

There are just so many more benefits that I can take advantage of when I use the Citibank app. I can monitor my accounts and keep them safe. I can open a new account within the app while also doing different transactions using my main account.

CitiBank - Learn How to Download the App
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I can also access my credit scores and transfer money through different digital wallets. Lastly, if ever I want to withdraw money, I can always try and locate ATMs nearby using the app so I can quickly get some cash.

This is why I often recommend the Citibank app to many friends and family since the benefits truly outweigh the drawbacks.

Some Drawbacks of Using the Citibank App

While the app does have a lot of convenient features, there are still some that need to be improved. One of which is how the categories for each transaction are presented.

The categories are very generalized into different sections such as travel, health care, restaurants, and others which is quite vague for someone who wants to fully manage all of their expenses.

Additionally, many offers are often quite difficult to find even if they are shown within the app. I have to scroll down through many options just to see their newest offers.


With all that said, Citibank truly has one of the most accessible and most convenient mobile banking apps. The features mentioned alone are worth creating an account and the offers I receive from the app have made me love making transactions over and over.

Whether you are a person who is always on the go or you own a business or simply want to grow your finances, the Citibank app is ready to help you with your journey.