The Compilation We All Needed: The Best Tips For Call Of Duty Mobile By “CoD Narco”

With the introduction of the battle royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile, things are about to get pretty interesting in the game. More and more players are drawn into the action now that the most awaited game mode has finally arrived. 

As a new player, it might be tough to jump right into the game, so I have gathered all the tips from one of the best players in CoD Mobile.


CoD Narco is one of the best players in the game and is also a great teacher for those who are new. In this article, I will not only share some gaming tips but also touch on the following:

  • About Call Of Duty Mobile
  • Playing Call Of Duty: Mobile Better
  • Use Crouch While Scanning An Area
  • Use Slide To Surprise Enemies
  • Optimal Graphics Settings
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About Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play mobile shooter game from Activision. Play the selected iconic maps on your mobile device and relive the glory days of playing Call of Duty. Get into the action with a 100-player battle royale mode or a five versus five team deathmatch.

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Experience high definition graphics and nonstop action in Call of Duty Mobile. Gather your team and compete at the highest level using your skill and expertise in Ranked Mode. 


Downloading The Game

Call of Duty Mobile is currently available for download at the Google Play Store for Android devices. iOS users can head over to the App Store to download the game on iPhones. 

Tap Install to download the game and prepare to experience one of the best free-to-play mobile shooters in the world.

The game also features in-app purchases, so you might need to set up your payment option beforehand.


Playing Call Of Duty: Mobile Better

I had to learn many new mechanics in this game when I tried it out for the first time. There were times when I forgot to pick up new items or take cover, but it was a forgivable mistake as a new player. 

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However, there are times that I just get overwhelmed by the game, and I need help. Fortunately, I came across a YouTube video by CoD Narco to help me win more games. 

I will share what I had learned from the video so far so you can also play better. It is an effective method that helped me gain more insight into the game and improve my skills. 

Enemies Can Hear You

When I first started this game, I played it like any other first-person shooter game that I have tried before. What surprised me in this game is how many new players don’t know that enemies can hear your footsteps and all the other sounds you make, especially while moving around the map. I had the advantage of knowing this before playing the game, which earned me many wins early on. 

For new players, listen to the noise around you, so you get an idea of what you need to do. Most of the time, I would suggest that you try to hide when noises are coming from different angles as this could mean multiple enemies are heading your way. This should give you the heads up to either hide or move away from that area for your safety.

In the same way, you can hear your enemies; they can also listen to you when you either run around or even close the door. Try to leave doors open or crouch when you want to move from one place to another. You can sprint if you want but do so when you know it is safe or you want to cover great distances as fast as possible.

Use Crouch While Scanning An Area

There are a lot of things that I can do to try and avoid getting hit while playing the game. Sometimes, I hide behind a structure or duck from fire when fights break out. 

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I also try to hide on top of a roof to get a better view of the area; however, I find it to be risky as well since there are a lot of snipers in this game. One thing that I do when trying to scan an area is to crouch. 

Crouching helps mitigate a lot of noise around me, and I also get to protect myself from getting hit by stray bullets. Crouching also gives me a realistic view of my surroundings to plan my next best move to winning the game.

I would suggest that you do the same. What I do is hide behind a safe spot first and crouch to scan the area. Once done, I would continue crouching towards my next position or use my current spot to my advantage by taking out a few enemies along the way.

Throw Your Grenades

In Call of Duty Mobile, I get to equip different items such as vests and helmets that protect me from damage; however, there are also other items that not many players appreciate. One of the hidden overpowered items in this game is grenades. 

Grenades either deal massive damage, can start a fight, or can even help prevent you from getting killed. Grenades are highly unappreciated and even underused in this game. I always notice that new players don’t use grenades at any phase of the game. I would recommend using grenades as often as possible.

There are different types of grenades in this game. Flashbang and smoke grenades create a distraction and even initiate a fight, while other types tend to deal with different types of damage to opponents. Make sure to always use your grenades whenever possible.

Use Slide To Surprise Enemies

There are instances in the game where I get into a deadlock with an opponent. Both of us are hiding behind a corner, just trading shots endlessly. Sometimes, this can be quite annoying knowing that I want to save as many bullets as possible or I want to end this deadlock quickly.

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The best way to end this deadlock is to surprise enemies from the corner they are hiding by sliding. Simply slide to the side and surprise the enemy. This is the kind of move that I would use when I’m up against snipers.

Another situation that I recommend is when you are trapped against a corner, and the only way out is to fight them head-on. You can also employ a flashbang or a smoke grenade to create a distraction and slide into battle to catch them unguarded. 

I feel like one of those action heroes in movies when I can pull this kind of move against my enemies.

Equip Your Vest

Remember when you only have a few health points left, and the only difference is a few shots that you take for you to win? What if I tell you that there is a way for you to win in this game with the help of just one item alone? 

Vests are one of the most underrated items in this game, and not a lot of players appreciate what it does. Vests are items that boost your defenses, especially against bullets that might be why you get killed early. 

In the early stages of the game, a few bullets can immediately take you out of the game, but with the help of vests, you can take a few more shots than usual. Make sure that you equip a vest once you get one, and you’ll be surprised at how much it can help protect you against stray bullets.

Optimal Graphics Settings

Another underrated tip that many newbies in this game barely do is to keep your graphic settings optimal. 

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If your phone can support HD graphics, but at the cost of dropping FPS, it is much better to tone down your graphic setting until you don’t experience any frame lag. 

A drop in FPS can mean life and death in this game, so it is always better to play at the most optimal graphic settings. 

The best advice that I can give to you is to always prioritize FPS over any other settings in the game. By having a higher FPS, the game registers faster, and you can react better in this game.

Choosing The Right Character Class

There are many character classes in this game, and choosing a character that fits your play style is very important. I play better when I assist my team in victory, so a medic is the best character for me. 

I can set up a medical station or revive my teammates when the situation calls for it. However, there are many classes in the game that you can also play, like the Scout, Ninja, Mechanic, Defender, or if you want to be chaotic, you can choose the Clown class. 

The strategies you play together with your team will depend on the character you choose, so choose wisely.


Call of Duty Mobile is a fun game to play together with friends, but learning the game from scratch can be quite painful. Fortunately, I have discovered CoD Narco and his YouTube page and learn from the best in the game. 

I highly suggest you follow the tips mentioned above and improve your game fast.