Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile – Find Out If It’s Worth It

When it comes to strategic life simulation games, nothing really comes close to The Sims. I am personally a video game fanatic, meaning that I have tried and tested my fair share of options. In fact, having grown up playing The Sims, I was more than excited to hear that the franchise would be releasing a mobile version of their game.

With the convenience of simply whipping out my phone, I am now able to play one of my favorite games at any time and any place. However, does the mobile version actually stack up when compared to the original? Do we have the same amount of options and abilities in this version, or are we limited when it comes to gameplay?


In this article, I will be discussing everything that there is to know about the Sims 4 mobile game by referring to a review made by the popular YouTuber Clare Siobhan.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
Image Source: @Clare Siobhan / YouTube

The Sims 4 Mobile Game

The Sims is one of the biggest and most successful video games of all time. Published by Electronic Arts in 2000, the creators could never have imagined the amount of attention and praise that their game would receive.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
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However, as of 2021, the strategic life simulation video game continues to be the biggest in the world of its type. In fact, the level of popularity and demand has even prompted the creators to develop and release a mobile version of The Sims 4.


What Can You Do With It?

The Sims 4 Mobile game allows users to create and design their own characters, give them unique personality traits, construct and build homes, enroll in classes, take on jobs and make plenty of friends.

On top of this, there is even a multiplayer mode, allowing you to connect with your peers. The app has received plenty of success since its release in March of 2018.

How Does The Mobile Version Differ From The Original Sims 4 Game

Even though the mobile version of this game has a few similar features compared to the original, it is still very different. In Clare’s YouTube review of this app, she discusses how interactive the game actually is.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
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For example, when selecting the story mode, Claire was required to complete different missions in order to move through the story. In this mode, the game regularly sent her messages and instructions on how to achieve the various tasks and exactly what she had to do.

On top of this, there are other more obvious differences that I noticed when watching her review. For starters, the user interface of the mobile app is more simplified to fit the smaller screen.

More so, the graphics are slightly different, and there are fewer options when it comes to clothing, furniture, etc. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, as the game is still extremely interactive and fun.

Why Is It So Great?

Having played it myself, I can admit that there are plenty of factors to consider and keep you busy when using the app. For example, I was able to design my house, work at a job and meet other Sims.

On top of this, I was always thinking about keeping my Sim happy by meeting their needs and wants. In this sense, the game is relatively similar to the original.

If you would like to download it, it is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

How Clare’s Video Helped Me Decide Whether Or Not To Download The App

Before watching Clare’s video, I was on the fence when it came to whether or not I should download the app.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
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I assumed that it would have a limited amount of features and options because it was a mobile game. However, thanks to her review, I quickly discovered that the app actually includes most of the features that are found in the original version.

Interactions and Options

From making friends to purchasing and designing your own home, the options and interactivity of this mobile app are truly in a league of their own.

Clare’s Sims 4 Mobile Gameplay

In Clare’s Sims 4 Mobile review video, she continually mentions how exciting and fun the game actually is. In the past, a player could quickly get bored of the game after playing it too many times.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
Image Source: @Clare Siobhan / YouTube

However, with this mobile version, Clare’s video perfectly displayed how interactive the app is. She completed various tasks in order to move through the story.

More so, every time she completed a mission, she would be able to purchase new pieces of furniture for her fixer-upper home. This makes the game that much more fun, as you receive rewards every time you complete a task.

One of the first tasks that she completed was purchasing a coffee house. In this way, the player has to maintain various aspects of their Sim, such as their work, home, and social lives.

Moving Up the Levels

On top of this, the more missions you accomplish and the longer you play the game, the higher the level you will reach. Before coming across her video, I was concerned that the game would be too single-layered

In other words, I thought that there would be a limited amount of features and activities that you could make your Sim do. However, her review displays exactly how entertaining and diverse the app actually is.

User Interface And Graphics

One of the most important features of any game is its user interface. If it is too complicated or technical, many players would be put off before even making an account.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
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On the other hand, if a game has a clean and simplistic interface, the player will automatically feel as though it has a good design.

One of Clare’s favorite aspects of the mobile app is the fact that the branding and interface are uncomplicated, clean, and easy to use.

The graphics of this game are also extremely easy to look at. In the video, Clare described the characters as having a very ‘mobile-like’ look to them.

Enticing Layout

In all honesty, they do look slightly different from the characters in the original version of the game.

With that being said, everything about the game is extremely neat and colorful – this adds to the playful element of The Sims that everybody has come to know and love.

Designing Your Character

For many players, including myself, designing and creating a personalized character is one of the best parts of the game. When designing her character, Clare was able to choose between customizing her own Sim or selecting a random one.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
Image Source: IGN

She also had the opportunity to choose the name and personality type of her character. Like in the original version, the player is also able to edit the various features of their Sim, including the facial structure, hair color, clothing, and body shape.

In Editing Mode

Sims has become iconic for their interesting music choices that play when entering editing mode. One thing that Clare did point out while creating her Sim is that no music played during the process.

While she was disappointed with this at first, the famous Sims playlist does begin as soon as you enter the normal gameplay mode.

Purchasing And Designing Your Home

Another reason for the popularity of this app is the fact that players get to design and build their own homes.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
Image Source: @Clare Siobhan / YouTube

Even though there isn’t quite as much flexibility on the mobile version as there is in the original game, Clare still mentions how much fun she had creating her Sims house.

As I already discussed, the player is awarded various pieces of furniture for every challenge that they complete, meaning that they have to work in order to improve their home.

After creating a character, your Sim is automatically placed in a small fixed-upper home.

What Your Sim Needs

In Clare’s review, you can see just how the beginning of the game unfolds: the character is required to get a job in order to improve this home, as it is extremely basic. In fact, you do not even have a proper bed, bathroom, or kitchen.

Meeting The Needs And Wants Of Your Sim

To make the game more realistic, you need to keep your Sim happy by meeting their needs and wants. For example, if they are hungry, you will instruct them to make a meal for themselves.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
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There are various ways in which your Sims mental and physical health need to be maintained. This includes socializing, maintaining their hygiene, eating, and having fun.

Socialize With Other Sims

Meeting the needs and wants of your Sim is just another way in which this mobile app is similar to the original version. In her review, Clare spends plenty of time socializing with other Sims and trying out the different actions available to players.

Getting A Job

In order to customize your home and improve your Sims quality of life, you will need to get a job and earn some money. One of the most attractive aspects of this game is the fact that it resembles real life.

Clare Siobhan Reviews The Sims 4 Mobile - Find Out If It's Worth It
Image Source: CNET

For this reason, working a job is one of the challenges that you will be required to do when playing the mobile app. However, according to Clare, working in the world of Sims is actually fun.

Extra Fun Challenges

In her review video, her Sim started working as a barista, meaning that she was required to keep up with various customers’ orders. In this way, her career was kind of like a mini restaurant game inside of another game.


The Sims 4 mobile app is incredibly interactive and time-consuming. In Clare Siobhan’s review of the game, she discusses how it has similar and unique features compared to the original version.

While the user interface is unique to the smaller device, you are still able to complete various challenges and tasks by controlling your character.