Watch These Epic Shows like the Game of Thrones

Epic storytelling isn’t easy and there are few series that have been able to achieve this. Game of Thrones is one that will go down in history as a story that captivated people in the 2000s.

Since it premiered in April 2011, everyone was captivated by the series’ overall story. Game of Thrones presented an ensemble cast and tells different story arcs that ultimately converge near the end of its run. 


A few TV shows have tried to emulate the storytelling and success of Game of Thrones. While some have failed, others have truly stood on its own and could even rival the show. Here are some epic shows like Game of Thrones.

Watch These Epic Shows like the Game of Thrones
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The Expanse

The Expanse follows a group of antiheroes as they slowly unravel a political conspiracy that threatens the entire solar system. Set in the future, the show offers great characterization and an ensemble cast of talented actors. 

Much like Game of Thrones, The Expanse also has a very tight storyline that follows different characters as they traverse through dangerous lands, navigate complex political ties, and breakneck twists and turns.


Along with the characters, the show is lauded for its political narrative and its compelling storytelling. The Expanse is highly comparable to Game of Thrones set in space and the future. 

Before the first season was released, many truly believed that the show was a futuristic Game of Thrones however, the theme of both shows might be comparable but they are vastly different from each other.


Vikings is another TV show in the veins of Game of Thrones. It is set in a period where Norse heroes were notorious conquerors of England and France. It follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a farmer who would be king.


The show was praised for its natural setting and costumes that portrayed the Vikings of that era. It also had a scope similar to Game of Thrones. The show follows several characters’ struggles.

Much like Game of Thrones, the show used a lot of historical documents that fueled the storylines in many seasons. This is a show that is not afraid to go beyond the traditions of storytelling hence the reason why it was a very popular and compelling show.

Vikings lasted for 6 seasons but the influence the show had continued. A sequel is currently in development that will likely continue the original show’s tradition.


Spartacus was a popular TV series that follows the rise and fall of Spartacus against the Roman Republic. The show heavily depicted violence, sex, and gore to the viewers especially during fight scenes. 

These depictions added to the charm of the show apart from its great characterization of the titular lead character and many of its supporting cast.

The historical background, the compelling characterization, and the rise and fall of its main protagonist are very much similar to the character trajectory of some of the best characters in Game of Thrones. 

The show lasted for several seasons and paid honor to its lead actor who passed away from cancer after the end of the first season.

Watch These Epic Shows like the Game of Thrones
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Westworld follows the story of two android hosts within a Western-themed park that allows users to do whatever they want with the hosts. However, one fateful update to the hosts’ system allowed them to gain sentience.

The show was vastly praised for its storytelling of whether robots can gain human emotions and intelligence. It also asks a lot of questions about individuality, spirituality, and the deeper meaning of existence as well as how it is to be human. 

With such complex characterization portrayed by very talented actors and actresses, the show became a hit and continues to put out amazing episodes. The show is in the same vein as Game of Thrones as an ensemble cast and a complex storyline.

It is filled with deeply ambiguous morally-complexed characters. This is a show that is not afraid to take risks with its storyline and characters much like how Game of Thrones does with its own characters.

Watch These Epic Shows like the Game of Thrones
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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is an American science-fiction TV series that follows a rag-tag group of remaining survivors from the attack of the android beings known as Cylons. They begin their search for the fabled colony known as Earth as their new home. 

The show was thought to be a forerunner of Game of Thrones in terms of storytelling, world-building, in-depth characterization, and how TV shows handle an ensemble cast. 

Battlestar Galactica is often the subject of many character studies and in-depth analysis of human behavior and morality much like Game of Thrones. It also depicts political tension between the two leaders.

The show was positively received by critics and audiences during its entire run and was named as one of the best TV series of the decade. Its popularity spawned several other TV shows, video, and board games as well.


Game of Thrones has set the standard for series with its morally-complex characters, intriguing story arcs, high production value, and very talented actors. 

These are just a few TV shows that are heavily compared to Game of Thrones and some have even surpassed its quality and popularity.