Discover the 5 Best Brooklyn 99 Episodes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the funniest American TV shows out right now. With its kooky cast of lovable misfits, the show has a certain charm and sharp wit that not many other comedy shows have. 

You can immediately tell that there is a certain connection with the actors to both their co-stars and their on-screen characters. Despite being canceled at one point, the show has been saved by NBC.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to provide consistent and wholesome episodes throughout its run. Here are some of the best Brooklyn 99 episodes to date.

Discover the 5 Best Brooklyn 99 Episodes
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The Vulture – Season 1 Episode 5

This Brooklyn 99 episode featured a prominent character within the show in Major Case Detective Pembroke. As the titular vulture, Pembroke always gets his way when it comes to solving cases and undermining his team.

This episode was the first time the team felt like they were working together. You could tell that the actors were now more comfortable with their roles and the gags kept on flying. 


In this episode, the whole team comes together to solve a case so that Detective Pembroke, known as the vulture, would not get the credit. 

This episode showed what would become a very consistent theme with the show. Family, friendship, and teamwork became the very definition of what the show was all about.

Discover the 5 Best Brooklyn 99 Episodes
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Moo Moo – Season 4 Episode 16

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has never shied away from important social issues. One of which came with the episode Moo Moo where the show focused on one of the few black characters – Terry. 


The episode started with Sgt. Terry Jeffords getting arrested by a cop simply because he was a black man hanging around the neighborhood. Unbeknownst to the police that arrested him, he was also a cop. 

It wasn’t until the arresting cop learned that Terry was also one that the issue was resolved however, the social and cultural issues explored in this episode gave the show new credibility. 

As a comedy cop show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to break boundaries with the use of humor to tackle real issues. 

Discover the 5 Best Brooklyn 99 Episodes
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Game Night – Season 5 Episode 10

Game Night was a special episode for one of the many talented actors of the show. Stephanie Beatriz’ Rosa Diaz finally came out as bisexual to her conservative parents during a Game Night.

However, things turned sour as her parents had a cold reception to her coming out and Game Night was canceled. 

It wasn’t until her Brooklyn Nine-Nine family swooped in to save Game Night and make it their family tradition that Rosa knew she was accepted by the team.

The episode encapsulated the friendships between Rosa and other characters on the show. This episode catapulted the show to win the GLAAD Media Award in 2018.

Pilot – Season 1 Episode 1

The first episode of the series has always captured the essence of what the show is about. It introduced us to a myriad of quirky and memorable characters working in a police department.

The pilot covers a lot of characters in its limited time and was able to wrap it in a nice little bow in the end. However, the pilot episode also left us wanting more of the team’s shenanigans. 

This episode showed the vision of its writers from the start and how the show wanted to come out swinging. The pilot episode was one of the best pilot episodes of the year which started one of the best comedy shows on TV.

Discover the 5 Best Brooklyn 99 Episodes
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The Box – Season 5 Episode 14

The show has been largely accepted as one of the best sitcoms but it wasn’t until the episode The Box that sealed what made Brooklyn Nine-Nine a remarkable show. 

The episode centered around Jake and Holt investigating an untouchable murder suspect as they try to elicit a confession from him.

Hijinx ensues when Jake begins to take on the interrogation with his unusual methods much to the ire of his superior. This allowed both actors to play with their character’s innate personalities much to the success of the entire episode. 

The show heavily relied on the contrasting approach of both characters which led to some dynamic and very interesting outcomes. In the end, Jake was able to pull out a confession with the help of his father figure, Holt. 


While the Brooklyn Nine-Nine does stumble at times with its episodic plot and gags, Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to be one of the funniest shows around. 

The cast of character’s in a show make the difference between a great sitcom, and one that disappears fast. The best Brooklyn Ninety-Nine shows display the humanity of the characters and make them relatable to us.