The 5 Best Games For the Google Stadia

If you want 4k resolution – basically like real life – Google Stadia is bringing it to you. Google Stadia is a new console that promises you a better graphic experience with your games.

They have built a reputable catalogue of games since it was released last year, and now everyone can play. on Stadia The only thing that might stop you from taking part is that you’lll have to pay up for their games.


It should be noted that the cloud gaming service’s games are not all equal as independent developers are responsible for customizing their games. Some are great, and others might not jive on your console. Up next are the 5 best games.

The 5 Best Games For the Google Stadia
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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey will literally make your head turn in ways that you didn’t think it could. It’s murder missions reveal,stunning landscape that you have to discover. 

And it has a surprisingly  well-thought out medium to interact, which takes full account of the RPG mechanics who have been on the fringes of this series for years now. 


Its sheer dimensions make it a perfect match for Stadien, and you would like immediate access to it on as many devices as possible if you intend to complete it in this lifetime. Stadia offers it.

The game is worth $14.99. Write your own epic Odyssey and become a legendary Spartan hero now! 

Destiny 2 (Pro)

Destine 2, for one reason: cross-save support, is the perfect game for Google Stadia. 


Even if Destiny 2 is a fantastic game of its own, it greases the Google Stadia Transition Rad so you can play on many systems or pass your save from another system. 

Furthermore, Destiny 2 is excellent for fast combat on your way. It was released on the platform with Google Stadia, and Destiny 2 is currently leading the Pro roster. But to play it, you’ll need Pro. Destiny 2 is free, but not Google Stadia on all other platforms.

The only way to play Destiny 2 is by buying one of the expansions if you only use the Base subscription. This makes it a minimum of $25, which otherwise is one of the best free to play games. However, 

Stadia Pro subscribers can still Destiny 2, with all its extensions, to download and play.

Borderlands 3

For the most part, Borderlands 3 is just another Borderlands game. Although this is a sales point of its own, Gearbox’s third funny FPS-RPG entry feels more of the same. 

However, small improvements have been made which render Borderlands a modern light. The game feels more fast-paced than before by including climbing leads and a sliding mechanical like Apex Legends.

It was typically the best option to remain far in earlier games and pick up several essential enemies before the battle. However, Borderlands 3 gets several of the Doom reboot notes in 2016. 

Fighting takes place in open areas in the middle of you. You can quickly leap and shoot up the enemies, resulting in a much greater visceral fight through your new movement in the tow.

The game is worth $59.99. As one of four new Vault Hunters, blast through new worlds and enemies! 


The only exclusive Google Stadia on our list. It may not be Resident Evil, but don’t allow Gylt to trick you with a sweet art-style – there’s a lot of fear here. 

If you’re a horror game veteran, linear, and sometimes predictable, it’s possible to crack some clever puzzles and very hot stealth sequences. One is playing with the colors.

Gylt, costs $30. Then, there are some very uncomfortable oddities like $40 for Final Fantasy XV in 2016 and $30 for Tomb Raider Increase in 2015.

Doom Eternal

Doom 2016 is a good game, but Doom Eternal is just better. The booted series is a normal progression, fitting more weapons, tighter fighting, and more robust mechanics. 

Moreover, however, Doom Eternal admits that most players played the first game. It’s not the same hell retreat: the Fiery Doom is something entirely different.

This is partially from the atmosphere (eternal exists on Earth, not hell). However, the critical difference lies in the war. While only visceral destruction, Everlasting tasks you in a much more excellent way to control your wealth. 

You must use the chainsaw to collect bullets and score glory kills to restore health. In conjunction with the verticality of battle arenas, Doom Eternal sends you around the enemies and requires you to use any instrument available to take them.

The price tag is initially valued at $60. Doom 2016 is currently $20. 

The 5 Best Games For the Google Stadia
Image Source: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 


There are a ton of gaming options out there, and Google Stadia is one of the newer ones that may make you question your ideas. But, it is one of those seamless creations that can creep into your life.