Discover Space With EVE Online

If you enjoy navigating through intergalactic alliances, distant galaxies, and fighting in space, this online game will excite you. EVE Online is a  multiplayer online game where you travel into unknown universes.

Eve Online is more than a simple battle in outer space, The challenge of this game is to discover real planets. It aims to help scientists look for planets in the comforts of your own home through an interactive game.


Since you are searching for real planets, you are navigating in an actual universe virtually. It is not only limited to navigating in the solar system but explore outside the solar system through the mini-game called Project Discovery.

Discover Space With EVE Online
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Downloading Evo Online

Before downloading the EVO online game into your computer, create an account first. You need to have a valid email address to sign up successfully.

Your computer must meet the system requirements because you need to download files before running it aside from the game app. The files to be downloaded can be 7GB, so make sure that your storage is enough.


The EVE Online game is free to download, and you will be given 14 days to play it for free. After the trial period, it costs $14.95 for a month,  $38.85 ($12.95/month) for 3 months, and $71.70 ($11.95/month) for a 6-month plan.

Tips to Success

The EVE Online is considered as one of the most difficult Massively Multiplayer Online gaming (MMO). Players who have tried playing it described it as a tricky game.

According to research, only one person accomplished the mission, but it took him ten years to complete it. Here are the tips to consider to finish the tasks


Tip #1: Do All the Tutorials

After creating your character, you will be routed to a station where you will be presented with the game’s tutorial. It can be tempting to skip the tutorials, especially that it is not just like other games with only a few sentences.

The tutorial is a crash course on starship operation. It is ideal to find time reading the tutorial to learn how to navigate the controls and be familiar with the game’s workaround.

Once you finish the tutorial, you’ll be given free ships and skill books.

Tip #2: Find a Corporation

Playing by yourself is possible, but it may be boring. There are many guides that you can use to learn how to play the game, but experts suggest that for you to grasp the game faster, it would be helpful to join groups.

You can find many groups on social media that aim to help newbies get good practices on how to play it.

Tip #3: Ask for Help

Once you’ve signed up to EVE online, you will be enrolled automatically to the Rookie help channel. This help channel is where all players ask questions about the game.

Older players or those who are experienced can answer the questions mostly from newbies. However, since there is no level system in EVE, everyone, even newbies can answer as long as the answer will help.

The Rookie help channel is a perfect feature to get helping hand advice from real players.

Tip #4: Set Goals and Stick to Them

The idea of an EVE game is to be able to let you determine your own endgame goal. The real challenge of this game is to figure out how you will attain your set goals.

It’s easier to succeed in the game if you know what you are trying to achieve.

Discover Space With EVE Online
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EVE Online is not just an ordinary game for fun and enjoyment. It is on the list of one of the most complicated games around because you have to figure out a lot of things by yourself.

But if you’re into challenges, this game is for you – they’ve got tutorials, but the real gameplay is in your hands.