5 Reasons Dead Cells Is Rated So High

With so many games in the market today, a game really has to stand out from the rest to remain relevant over the years. One such game that has stood out several years after it was launched is Dead Cells

Dead Cells is an action platformer video game. It is developed and published by Motion Twin. As you might already know, Dead Cells has received an award for Best Indie Game in 2018 following a slew of other nominations. 


The game is still one of the highest rating game of all time up to this day, and that has many people wondering why. Here are the top 5 reasons why Dead Cells is rated so high.

5 Reasons Dead Cells Is Rated So High
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Unique Gameplay

For an action platformer, Dead Cells might be lumped in with many other games within the genre. What truly makes the game very unique is its gameplay. The game offers very significant gameplay. 

Doors can be busted wide open to stun opponents behind it or use stealth to slowly open it for a surprise assassination. Veterans of the action-platform video game genre will find its gameplay refreshing. 


Monsters can attack while you are on another platform while others only become aggressive when you step into the platform.

Rewarding Experience

Action-platformer games tend to be very linear when it comes to its gameplay and experience. Players jump in and out of platforms, execute monsters, gather items, jump over obstacles and traps and face boss monsters – wash and repeat. 

With Dead Cells, you get to experience a non-linear approach to its gameplay. Players who opt for a fast-paced style can hack and slash their way to the end of the map in the best time possible. 


This leaves time to search for rooms with special rewards. Slow and methodical players can enjoy the game as well by learning different techniques and get rewarded as well.

5 Reasons Dead Cells Is Rated So High
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Beautiful Aesthetics and Story

The story of the game might not be as riveting as other games but it still holds a lot of value to the overall game. 

As the Prisoner, players will have to travel through a series of dungeons and other landscapes in search of a way to escape the island. In the end, the Prisoner will have to face off with the Hand of the King.

The graphics of the game is also an outstanding piece of work. Each section of the game feels new and the design of each monster is very unique. The characters in the game are well- defined and each has its own identity. 

One can determine a monster from the next one with their design. Players can run through the dungeons very fluidly as the graphics are very smooth. 

Updates and Additional Content

Most games would keep the game as long as possible to make sure that players will play the game for a long time. 

Dead Cells on the other hand released additional downloadable content a year after its release to make sure that players can have something to play with after they finish the main game. 

In Rise of the Giant, the update offers additional content and new endings that are added to the game as it slowly expands the world of Dead Cells.

More Features

The game also provides a lot of features than the usual action platformer. The game is integrated with Twitch so viewers can vote via chat which upgrades are needed for the player to choose. 

Upon release, it was available on PC, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It was downloadable on the App Store a year after its release and in June of 2020, the game could be downloaded through the Google Playstore.


Within two years, the game has managed to reach insurmountable success. The fact that it continues to be one of the best and highest-rated game of all time is enough of a reason to play this game.