Discover the Best Video Games for Skiers

There is nothing like the whoosh-whoosh of those skis as you race down the mountain. And then there are those times when you just can’t get to the mountain. So what do you do? You’ve got to check out video games for skiers.

These games have the skier’s thoughts in mind as much as what the developer wants to portray. The games give you the ultimate skiing experience in a video game. 


To find out more about the best video games that skiers can enjoy, you definitely need to read on.

Discover the Best Video Games for Skiers
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STEEP 16/17

One of the top games you need to look at when it comes to skiing video games is STEEP. This game offers you the ultimate sports experience when it comes to the overall gameplay, and you have an open-world platform.

That essentially means that you as the gamer, aren’t confined to one side of the world alone. You can roam around searching for major challenges. You then get to experience the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics when you play this game.


You can take part in downhill skiing, halfpipe, big air among others. The game is available on Windows, PS4, and Xbox.

SSX 2000-2012

Here, you have a game that has been developed, majorly through feedback, over10 years. The game has radical characters coupled with insane features. And this makes for a great skiing game experience.

The other advantage of this game is that it also offers you snowboarding on top of skiing.


You also have the downhill ski patrol section which is the most interesting part of the game. there, you can earn points for all your cool stunts. The game is available on Xbox and PS2.


The most enticing part of this game, ts that you can chase down medals. That means that you have to have some experience when you play this game. First, you have to upgrade your character for you to be able to chase down the medals.

You’ll be coming up against real pros of the game such a Jeremy Jones. When you’re chasing points while downhill skiing, you have a photographer around the mountain to take your pictures.

You need to put up a classic if you are to record a good point-tally. The first 360 when you taking part in a ski can take up to 0.1 seconds and the second one if need be takes up to 3 seconds. And the game is available only on Xbox consoles alone.

Coal Borders

One of the most influential skiing games of our time has got to be this one. What makes this game liked by most players is that it has around 13 characters to choose from. 

Other than that, you have up to 5 different locations where you can stake a challenge. The game was, however, released in 1997 and with that, the graphics of the game aren’t top-notch. 

Also, the game is only available on PS.

Discover the Best Video Games for Skiers
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One of the top 80s game when it comes to skiing has got to be Slalom. And the game is only available on Nintendo VS and NES. Those aren’t the type of consoles that you can easily find in the market today.

With these games, you have an adventure that takes you to various ski resorts. The game is straight forward, you only have to race from the top to the bottom. And you have to do all that while avoiding numerous obstacles.


If you are in love with skiing, there are a lot of games you can play, but the above five are some of the best. So if you haven’t checked them out, it’s time to get your virtual ski game on with the best.