What’s New About the Next iPhone?

Apple rocked the world when it unveiled the iPhone a decade and a half ago, and since then the company has led the way in mobile innovation.  Many say, it is Apple’s iPhone that changed the mobile phone game. 

Each subsequent iPhone always contains new features and design, and that’s why each new iPhone release creates a buzz long before it hits store shelves. And so there is a lot of hype surrounding the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. 


While news of its official release date has been under wraps, there are a lot of expectations for the new iPhone 12. Up next we’re going to tell you what’s new about the next iPhone.

What's New About the Next iPhone?
Image Source: Forbes

Varied Screen Sizes

One of the most anticipated changes for the iPhone 12 that people might be surprised with is the varied screen sizes. It is believed that the iPhone 12 will feature four different models with different sizes. 

The iPhone 12 will have 5.4 inches while the iPhone 12 Max will have the standard 6.1 inches. Two Pro models will also be released with 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches for the Pro Max.


Changes to the Design and Performance

The iPhone 12 is reportedly changing its overall design from its previous iteration. It will most likely be similar to the old iPhone 5 with flat edges. They apparently want to get away from the rounded design of the iPhone 11. 

The phone is even reported to be slimmer than the iPhone 11 by up to 10%. However, what truly makes the iPhone 12 exciting is the highly anticipated A14 Bionic processor and 5G connectivity. 

The chip allows for faster performance of up to 15% than the previous CPU and an increase of up to 50% performance in GPU.


Upgraded Display

All four iPhone 12 models will have OLED displays instead of the LCD screens that you can find with the iPhone 11. OLED features more vibrant and deep colors and wide viewing angles.

The iPhone 12 Pro on the other hand offers a 120Hz ProMotion display which means users can have a smoother and more fluid scrolling experience. The faster frame rate also improves video and gaming.

Camera Upgrades

With the upgraded display, the camera should also follow suit. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro have already been called one of the phones with the best cameras around, but the iPhone 12 is about to make its mark.

The regular iPhone 12 will feature the usual two lenses while the Pro and Pro Max will add another one with a LiDAR scanner. This should allow for better autofocus during recording

The LiDAR scanner has also been known to boost certain AR apps for the phone as well.

What's New About the Next iPhone?
Image Source: Business Insider

Improved Connectivity

5G connectivity is a priority for most mobile phone companies today and the Apple iPhone 12 has been designed to connect with such networks in areas that have the coverage. 

This should decrease download speeds as well as promote a more stable connection.

Battery Life

Not much is known about the iPhone 12’s battery life and some might even expect to have it clock in at around 4,400 mAh. This is a great upgrade to the standard 3,100 mAh battery of the iPhone 11. 

It could also mean that the device is set to support 20W charging which means it charges faster and better than the previous iteration. 

One big surprise that has come out with regards to the battery is that the iPhone 12 might not come with a charger. We will have to wait and see during the launch to fully confirm if that is the case.


While all of this is unconfirmed information, it is safe to say that the iPhone 12 will be a vast improvement on the iPhone 11. The inclusion of the LiDAR scanner will be great for augmented reality enthusiasts.

And the faster frame rate should appeal to both gamers and vloggers worldwide. With all of this information, everyone’s excited about the product’s launch which could happen later this month.