ProperFocus – Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses

I have been wearing prescription glasses for almost half my life. One of the pains of having vision problems is going through the trouble of getting a new pair that’s adjusted to changes in my eyesight every couple of years.

To save on costs, other people just keep on using their old pair as long as they’re still wearable. However, there is a possibility of sustaining irreversible eye damage for wearing incorrect prescription.


This is why I was intrigued when I learned about the ProperFocus adjustable glasses, which supposedly offers a way to adjust the focus of the glasses to match the user’s eyesight. In this article, I wall talk about the glasses and what the product has to offer.

  • Understanding How Corrective Lenses Work
  • A Look at the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses
  • Notable Features of the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses
  • Benefits of Using the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses
  • How to Calibrate the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses
  • Where to Purchase the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses
ProperFocus - Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses
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Understanding How Corrective Lenses Work

In order to appreciate what the ProperFocus adjustable eyeglasses brings to the table, I decided to first discuss how corrective lenses work so you understand how they help people with impaired vision.

ProperFocus - Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses
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According to Clarity Vision Group, corrective lenses are designed to assist the eyes in focusing incoming light directly onto the retina to produce clear vision. They serve as the first surface that rays of light hit.


What they do is to bend the light rays to the correct degree needed by a person based on their eye condition. The more bending of the light that is required, the higher the prescription is and the thicker the lenses are.

Conditions that Require Corrective Lenses

Hyperopia is a condition where incoming light rays focus beyond the retina because of a shortened eyeball. This is corrected using convex lenses that shortens the distance in which the light rays will travel.

On the other hand, myopia causes light to focus in front of the retina due to an elongated eyeball, requiring concave lenses. Presbyopia, which develops as we age, is the eye’s gradual loss of its ability to focus on nearby objects.


Lastly, astigmatism, which is the condition I have, causes light to focus in multiple points, resulting to blurred vision at any distance. Cylinder lenses, which create multiple focus points, are required to correct it.

A Look at the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses

The problem with using corrective lenses is that you have to re-measure your prescription every couple of years and buy a new pair. This can get expensive so some people just opt to maintain their old glasses, risking eye damage.

ProperFocus - Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses
Image Source: Trusted Gadget Reviews

Other people need multiple glasses depending on their activity, which can be a significant inconvenience. ProperFocus promises to address these concerns by providing a technology that allows you to adjust the magnification of your glasses yourself.

Aside from being able to solve different eyesight problems, these glasses also provide a lot of other benefits and advantages in terms of fit, style, and durability. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider using ProperFocus eyeglasses.

How the ProperFocus Glasses Work

The Properfocus adjustable glasses use a dual sliding / movable lens technology. This means that users of the eyeglasses are technically wearing two sets of glasses in one pair.

When I tried a pair on, I discovered that sliding the lenses allows me to adjust the magnification power to make them more or less fit to my eyesight. I did the adjustment by moving the dials located on the two sides of the frame.

These eyeglasses can be adjusted to suit a variety of people with vision problems. They may cater from people with -6 diopters of nearsightedness to those with +3 diopters of farsightedness.

Notable Features of the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses

One important aspect that I strongly consider when buying a pair of glasses is durability. I can’t even remember how many times I broke my eyeglasses after I accidentally sat on them or placed them inside my bag in a hurry.

ProperFocus - Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses
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That’s why I’m quite impressed with the ProperFocus eyeglasses for using polycarbonate materials, which are shock-resistant.

Oftentimes, glasses are correlated with fragility so it’s nice to have durable yet functional eyeglasses. They even come with a reinforced carrying case for better protection.

Other Great Features

Eyeglasses-wearing people can attest to how annoying it can be when the nose pads on the glasses aren’t the right fit. 

Too tight means getting marks on your nose while too loose means your glasses are sliding down often. The ProperFocus tries to solve this by installing an adjustable nose pad that can fit any face shape you have.

Lastly, eyeglasses are prone to scratches, fingerprint marks, and smudges so the ProperFocus eyeglasses solves this by using a special coating that’s resistant to damage.

Benefits of Using the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses

Because of its adaptability, I consider the ProperFocus adjustable eyeglasses to be the “one pair of glasses to rule them all” a la Lord of the Rings. 

ProperFocus - Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses
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There’s no need to use different glasses for different activities because I can easily adjust them for when I’m reading, walking outside the house, or watching a movie.

But when it comes to glasses, functionality is not the only consideration. My glasses also need to look good on me and the ProperFocus does this with a mix of style and elegance.

Other Advantages the Eyeglasses Bring

Not only are they trendy, these glasses can also be worn by any age or gender, with its unisex and balanced design.

And since they use a coating that’s resistant to scratches and smudges, they are very easy to clean, making it an ideal everyday pair of glasses. Its sleek design also helps make it easy to carry anywhere.

How to Calibrate the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses

Adjusting the ProperFocus eyeglasses is fairly easy to do once you’ve already calibrated it to your eyesight. What takes time is making the adjustments during the first time you lay your hands on them.

ProperFocus - Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses
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In essence, what I need to do is to turn the dials on the side of the frame that I want to adjust. If I want to change the setting on the left side, I just use the dial on the left and the same goes for the right side.

However, doing this for the first time may be quite tricky because I have to carefully move through the whole range for each eye. It may take several minutes to find the perfect match.

Steps for Finding the Perfect Fit

Because these eyeglasses were designed to fit all face shapes and sizes, you will also need to find the comfortable fit for you. To do this, you may stand in front of a mirror and put on the glasses on.

Adjust the temple arms to a comfortable level and then look straight ahead to see if they are aligned. The next step is to determine the right height of the glasses on your nose and then adjust the nose pad.

Make sure that the pad neither squeezes tightly nor slips downward. Once you get a comfortable fit, you may continue making small adjustments until you find what you think is the perfect fit for you.

Where to Purchase the ProperFocus Adjustable Eyeglasses

Currently, the ProperFocus eyeglasses can only be purchased online. However, when shopping online, make sure that you are buying the actual ProperFocus eyeglasses because there are copycats being sold on the internet.

ProperFocus - Learn About the New Adjustable Eyeglasses
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But because it’s sold online, anyone around the world will be able to get a pair and enjoy the benefits for those who have eyesight problems. You may use a credit card or a valid Paypal account to make your purchase.

I liked how ProperFocus offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to anyone who is unsatisfied with the product, which I doubt would be the case if they got the correct pair. It also has a three-year warranty.

Pricing of the Eyeglasses

A single pair of ProperFocus adjustable eyeglasses costs $59 but the manufacturer offers a variety of discounts for anyone buying more than one pair. Two pairs are priced at $89, which means it costs only $45 each.

Buying four pairs will cost you $129, with each pair essentially being sold at just $32 each. Another available offer is the Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo priced at $109, essentially costing $36 for each pair of glasses.

The best-selling promotion for the ProperFocus adjustable eyeglasses is the Buy 3 Get 2 Free promo, which can be availed at only $149. This means that you will be getting a pair of ProperFocus adjustable eyeglasses for just $30 each.

The Bottom Line

As someone who has been burning through numerous eyeglasses over the years, I’m quite thrilled about using the ProperFocus adjustable eyeglasses. This kind of new technology is something that we need more of, especially for our beloved elderly.

If you are in the same boat as me regarding corrective eyeglasses, you should consider getting a pair of these glasses because they are not only effective, they are also super comfy and stylish.