Discover What Domestic Robots Are

We’ve already seen it in countless movies and in this modern day and age, there is no arguing that domestic robots are now available for us to use. We have always known that robots are quite effective and efficient at their tasks. It is what they are built and tasked to do in the first place.

Some of us have not yet been exposed to what domestic robots are but it is about time that I tell you what they are and what they can do in today’s world. For many of us, they offer the help that we need. However, not everyone is a fan of this in-home technology. 


In this article, I will dive deeper into what domestic robots are, how they affect society, why they were built in the first place, what the pros and cons of using domestic robots are, and more. Check it out below.

  • A Requirement in Modern Households
  • Helping Your Household with Domestic Robots
  • Domestic Robots for Elderly Care
  • Increasing Productivity and Efficiency Within the Household
  • A Robot Buddy That You Can Count On
Discover What Domestic Robots Are
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A Requirement in Modern Households

When we think of robots, we often become apprehensive and doubtful of the machine’s capabilities especially if they are within our homes. 

Discover What Domestic Robots Are
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We think about the endless possibilities but we are also consumed by the thought that robots can also become a burden. 


In the past few years, our complicated relationship with robots has sort of cooled down as more and more households welcome them.

Domestic robots are slowly becoming a requirement in modern households ranging from automated vacuum cleaners to a full-on humanoid robot that does almost all of the household chores called Aeolus.

Still a Long Way to Go

While many of us want to have domestic robots that can help us with our household chores, there are still several pain points that I’ve discovered along the way. Firstly, our home is designed for human interaction. 


This means that there are still some things and tasks in our homes that only humans can do. This immediately puts domestic robots at a disadvantage. A domestic robot can only do simple tasks and cannot interact with its owner. 

As a homeowner who needs to finish a lot of chores, I also want to interact with the domestic robot that wants to help me. This can still be resolved in the near future but I highly doubt that we will get to see the day that robots and humans interact with each other as we do with other people.

Helping Your Household with Domestic Robots

Over the past few decades, our household have been filled with different needs and tasks that require a lot of attention. These tasks can range from taking care of the kids to doing the laundry and dishes. 

Discover What Domestic Robots Are
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Sometimes, I don’t even get to finish everything in a single day and I have to leave some of the tasks for the next day. Things can pile up almost immediately if I miss a single task. 

This is why domestic robots are important, especially in today’s world where there is a tremendous need for personal assistance. While I am off at work, these robots can help clean the house and do other chores. 

A recent study in the UK revealed that 55 percent of the people are ready to take on domestic robots to help them with their household chores. In fact, 82 percent of them wanted domestic robots to help free their time while the rest wanted to use such extra time off to work.

Keep Up with Your Chores

Ordinary household chores such as cleaning and vacuuming are becoming part of the tasks led by domestic robots. 

One good example is the Roomba vacuum cleaner which was first introduced in 2002. The Roomba is a small AI-controlled vacuum cleaner that I can just turn on and it will immediately roam around the house to clean the floor from dirt and other wastes. 

However, other tasks such as opening the curtains to managing the appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator can now be done with the help of domestic robots.

Domestic Robots for Elderly Care

The population of older adults is bound to increase in the near future. This is quite alarming for people who do not want to put their elderly into the hands of caregivers or at the home for the elderly. Though, in these homes, they are properly taken care of.

Discover What Domestic Robots Are
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This isn’t the case for those who do not want to or those who cannot afford to send their loved ones away. This is why robots help meet the needs such as care assistance and allow the elderly to still perform their daily tasks. 

While many older people are hesitant about robots, these domestic robots are of great help to them. Domestic robots can help with chores and certain tasks like taking out the trash or seeking information. 

That being said, I would still rather have human assistance when it comes to personal care and many other leisure activities for my elderly loved one.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Secured

Domestic robots can provide a safe environment for me and the rest of my family through home security. Many of our devices today are connected. 

A lot of telecommunications and home security companies offer a way to interconnect our devices while also maintaining privacy through family controls. Domestic robots can also provide home security by locking your doors and monitoring your home through security cameras. 

These home security cameras and doorbells often have sensitive sensors that keep burglars away from your home and alert you of possible security breaches. This is also a great way to monitor your kids in the other room while you do your household chores.

Increasing Productivity and Efficiency Within the Household

One of the many reasons why I’ve always wanted to have domestic robots within my home is the productivity that yields quality results. Unlike humans, robots don’t get tired of doing the same thing over and over. 

Discover What Domestic Robots Are
Image Source: The Guardian

These robots can be very accurate and thorough with their jobs hence they never produce low-quality results. Domestic robots are quite efficient with the way they are programmed to work. They are never distracted and they always follow through with the tasks no matter how hard it is. 

For example, a normal human being cleaning the house will be distracted by many thoughts and temptations. This often leads to them cleaning the house for several hours and more than likely missing a few spots. 

A domestic robot can do the job efficiently without entertaining such distractions since they are programmed to do these tasks.

Let the Robots Perform the Menial Tasks Instead

With so many household chores to finish, there are certain tasks that I really don’t like doing. Some of these tasks are often very repetitive that I immediately get bored or worse, distracted. This is where I find domestic robots more helpful. 

Most of these tasks are very simple yet very mundane hence a domestic robot is a perfect aid to do such tasks. This way, I get to do other chores that are complex and need more attention. 

Having domestic robots help save a lot of time which can now be spent either for myself or with my family.

A Robot Buddy That You Can Count On

One of the most surprising things that I’ve discovered with domestic robots is that they are not only utilized for chores and other menial tasks but they can also be used for comfort. 

Discover What Domestic Robots Are
Image Source: Financial Times

One good example of this is Honda’s 3E-A18. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it is something sinister. It is a cuddly robot with a digital face that can smile, cry, and even snooze. It serves as a guide and an assistant to those who need care. 

There are still so many models that function similarly to such domestic robots that they may become one of the most integral aspects of each household soon.

This Is Just the Beginning

Having domestic robots do the household chores such as cleaning and other complex tasks like protecting and securing our homes is just the beginning. 

In the near future, our homes will be filled with different types of robots that can even take care of our children, become our personal assistants, and even take full care of the elderly. 

The rise of such demand will further increase in the coming years and it is only a matter of time before these robots will be part of our daily lives.


With everyone always on the go these days, we are often left with many chores unfinished inside our homes. 

When we do get some time to perform these tasks, it can be very challenging, repetitive, and difficult to finish with the limited time that we have. This is why domestic robots are the perfect solution to many of our daily problems.