Test AI With Google AI Experiments

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future (and even a part of our present). Various forms of media have shown how AI can take over the world in a practical and even literal sense.

With current advancements in development, it is only a matter of time until we reach such levels. Today, we see and use artificial intelligence in our everyday lives.


The way we use it is just more simple compared to that shown in shows like West World, for example. From your smart assistant to targeted advertisements, we can say that AI is already here.

Test AI With Google AI Experiments

If you think that super-smart scientists, researchers, and developers are the only ones who can create an AI system, then you will be glad to know that even you can experiment with artificial intelligence.

You can conduct your own research with Google AI Experiments, who knows you might just discover the next big thing.


What is Google AI Experiments?

At its core, Google AI Experiments is a platform in which any user can showcase simple artificial intelligence-based experiments.

It was designed to help new and veteran developers explore the concepts of machine learning (ML) to create an effective AI system.

It lets users utilize images, drawings, music, languages, and many other elements to explore their AI potential. In fact, Google’s Creative Lab has helped a team of writers create a tool that could help writers through their process.


Aside from AI + Writing tools, the platform has also allowed teams of experts to create Learning, Drawing, and Music collections, just to name a few.

What You Can Do With It

Given that Google AI Experiments is a platform where users can launch their experiments, what you can do is check out what these pre-made experiments have to offer. There are lots of collections you can explore.

For example, the AI + Learning collection offers Teachable Machine, a tool that lets you train a computer system to recognize your content. You just need to interact with the system and see how it learns.

The more you interact with it, the more it will learn, thus, the more accurate the results will be. In time, your experiment will result in artificial intelligence that is effective, efficient, and precise.

How to Use Google AI Experiments

If you are interested in using this platform or you simply want to have an experience with artificial intelligence, here’s what you need to do.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to access this platform. You can do so by visiting the Google AI Experiments website.
  2. One this site, you will be able to navigate a whole lot of collections and tools. You can explore some of them by simply viewing the collections.
  3. Pick a collection that fits your preferences. Are you interested in seeing AI in action in the realm of Writing? How about Drawing, Music, and Learning? There are tools for these areas available on the platform.
  4. Check out the tools included in each collection. Once you pick the right experiment for you, simply click on the Launch Experiment button.
  5. A page for the experiment will open up. Click on the prompt to get started. Usually, it will say something along the lines of ‘Let’s Get Started.’
  6. Interact with the system and see results!
  7. After exploring what one experiment has to offer, make sure to check out other experiments and see what they can do.
Test AI With Google AI Experiments

The Bottom Line

Artificial intelligence is the future, so there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of what it has to offer today. With Google AI Experiments, you can directly experiment with such technology, just like a real AI inventor!