Stay Current With These Tech Websites

Can you imagine your life without apps and gadgets? Let’s admit that it’d be near to impossible.Technological advancements have transformed our lives, and mostly for the better. 

If you are tech-savvy and want to be well-informed about all the current updates in the tech world, there are websites for that too! Understandably, it can be daunting to swim in the ocean of information that the internet is. 


So, some of the best sources have been shortlisted in this article. If you want to learn all about the latest innovations and trends,  you can scour through articles on these informative and helpful tech sites. 

Stay Current With These Tech Websites


A favorite for all geeky tech-lovers, TechCrunch reports scoops on tech-related businesses. So, if you are specifically looking for news based on brands such as Apple, Google, Netflix, or Twitter, TechCrunch would be a good source. 

With over 50,000 active contributors, this online publication focuses on the business side of tech innovation. So, you’ll find content on product launches, product reviews, major acquisitions, and funding sources for tech companies. 


Crunch Base is perhaps the most popular feature of this website. It is an extensive database of tech companies and startups. Crunch Base includes background information and financial details of each company.


If you are looking for top technology-related news, reviews, and gadget updates, Gizmodo is the perfect option. This can be your one-stop destination for all design, science-fiction, and tech content. 

Part of the Gawker Media network, Gizmodo is a compilation of reliable crowd-sourced information and blogs. The blogs are supported by Kinja. This allows anyone, including readers, to write blogs and contribute to the community.


You’ll find some awesome guides, articles, and even tech deals on Gizmodo. The best part of this site is the blurred line between readers and bloggers helps curate blogs that are relatable, conversational, and fun!


Wired split from Wired Magazine in 1990 when Conde Nast Publishing purchased the website. Yet, tech-lovers continue to love Wired. 

Readers enjoy the casual yet engaging articles on Wired. The site reports stories on how technology trends can affect the economy, culture, and politics. 

The content on the site is well-organized into broadly categorized such as business, culture, gears, security, etc. 

Do you prefer old-school content consumption? In addition to the digital edition of the magazine, subscriptions to the print version of Wired Magazines are also available!


Engadget was created by Peter Rojas, a Gizmodo co-founder, in 2004. The collection of blogs on this site has helped thousands of people make informed purchasing decisions since then. 

Even though the Engadget website is populating hundreds of tech news, you ought to love the site’s “Reviews” section. From phones to smartwatches to wearable baby monitors, there are in-depth reviews and opinions on a plethora of gadgets. 

Over time, the site has steered towards articles covering the intersection of gaming, entertainment, and technology. What’s more? The site offers plenty of exciting gadget deals


How geeky are you feeling today? CNET is a content-heavy site teeming with educational yet interesting articles and buying guides. 

Of course, it offers an expansive collection of tech reviews, prices, videos, forums, news, and guidelines. It also provides a library of freeware and software available through the site’s download section.

Reading some CNET reviews before buying tech products can help you choose the best software, hardware, or tech services. To cater to your needs in a better way, CNET has language and region specific editions. 

Stay Current With These Tech Websites

The Bottom Line 

Trends and tools in the technology industry change so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up. The aforementioned websites can help you keep track of technological advancements, evolving tech business, and also make informed purchase decisions.