Easily Build a Website With These Online Platforms

Whether you want a presence online for yourself or for your business, you should have a website that separates you from the crowd. Using a website building platform is a simple way to get started on your site right away.

Great website builders give you full control over the design and content or your site. And they help individuals and small businesses create websites without needing to hire a developer. 


It can be difficult for beginners to find the right website builder, though. The market has so many website designers, how do you know which one is the correct option for you? Listed in this article are the best platforms to use to build a website

Easily Build a Website With These Online Platforms


WordPress.org is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites worldwide.WordPress powers over 35 percent of all sites on the internet. 

There are two WordPress versions available: self-hosted WordPress.org and WordPress.com. Given its popularity, powerful features, scalability, and ease of use, the self-hosted WordPress is a great website creator. 


It is a free and open-source website builder. This implies you have full control over your website as opposed to any other website designer online. 

Unlike other website builders, you will need a hosting account on WordPress. To get your website live, you’ll need a domain name and web hosting, costs for which start at $14.99/year and $7.99/month, respectively.


Wix offers an online platform that is simple yet powerful for making Flash websites and more. You can choose between a wide variety of design templates using a browser-based interface, or begin with a blank slate. 


With everything from animation effects and photo albums to Google maps and RSS feeds, Wix offers plenty of tools to get the task done. You can also import Flickr images and YouTube videos with just a few clicks. 

The design interface is sleek and fast, on a high-speed connection. Tools can be easily accessed when needed and can be hidden if not deemed necessary.  It is simple to create new pages and edit old ones. 

For fast and easy publishing, your website is hosted on Wix’s server, but unless you upgrade to a premium plan, starting at $17/month, you don’t have much control over your domain name.

Easily Build a Website With These Online Platforms
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Weebly is yet another main pick and sports a simple click and drag interface that enables you to create a professional website quickly. Content elements are applied to your website by simply dragging them into your webpage from the Weebly bar. 

You get to choose from one of their layouts, yet each layout is pretty flexible and scalable, so creativity has some room. It’s remarkably painless to add and organize the pages to your website. 

Your website domain is in ‘pagename.weebly.com‘ format, but, if you wish, you can build and buy your own domain name via the interface. Weebly comes with a basic free plan. 

However, their paid packages start from $6/month billed annually. The Professional plan costs $12 a month, and it’s $26 a month for its Performance plan.

Gator by HostGator

Gator is a famous website builder developed by HostGator, one of the world’s largest providers of web hosting services. The Gator Builder is an all-in-one website design and hosting solution that makes it a great website builder for small businesses. 

Gator is a fully hosted site, so there’s no need to worry about software, upgrades, or backups. You get a simple website builder that lets you choose between 200 + templates for professional website design. 

Each design comes with simple customization options that the builder itself can customize. With a simple point and click interface, you can edit any element on a page. 

All paid plans come with a free custom domain name for your website. Gator paid plans start at $3.84 a month, $5.99 a month for a premium, and $9.22 a month for eCommerce.

Easily Build a Website With These Online Platforms
Image Source: HostGator


These website builders enable you to create a complete website in your browser, without having to have any previous knowledge on website development. 

All you need is an internet connection and a computer and you’re good to go. The main benefit of using these services is the unparalleled speed of development, as it all happens with click-and-drag functionality in your browser.