Check Out these Good Video Games for Couples

The dating game has changed, thanks to the advancement of technology and society. Nowadays, there are countless ways for you to hang out with your significant other.

With a culture as large as gaming, it’s no surprise that video games have become a great way to hang out together. You and your other half can have plenty of fun going on adventures, duking it out in arenas, or shooting bad guys.


If you’re looking for a different way to bond with your partner, take a look at these games. We’ll be covering a variety of multiplayer games and genres so that you can try different atmospheres and moods with your partner.

Check Out these Good Video Games for Couples

Don’t Starve Together

Starting with a simple game, Don’t Starve Together by Klei Entertainment is a great multiplayer survival experience. The game itself is a standalone multiplayer expansion to the original single-player-only game, Don’t Starve.

The game puts you in a dreary yet colorful world with basically nothing to begin with, like most survival games. You and your partner will have to explore this strange new world filled with unknown dangers, collecting resources to survive the different seasons, environments, and creatures that will attack you.


This is an excellent game for partners to bond over as you collaborate so that you, as the game is so entitled, don’t starve. This can lead to great moments of teamwork, arguments, consolation, and saving each other’s skin when things look darkest.

Diablo III

If survival games aren’t your shtick and you want a more mindless, story-driven game, then Diablo III is a great option. This isometric RPG has you playing and creating colorful characters as you fight demons, angels, and the undead.

Diablo III is a great video game to lose yourself in, as it tells a great story of angels and demons, rising dead, and magic. If you and your partner enjoy feeling like heroes in fantasy games with lots of skills, items, and enemies to fight, then you’ll do great by picking Diablo III.


Slash-and-looting is the game, and this is a great comfort game, as well, as you two can pair up and support each other. You will enter an almost mindless, trancelike state because the simple controls allow for relaxation as you play. 

This also makes it a great game to keep your hands busy as you talk and hang out with nothing better to do.

Portal 2

Perhaps medieval high-fantasy isn’t necessarily a setting that excites either of you, but you still want to enjoy a collaborative video game. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the medieval fantasy genre, we have Portal 2, which is a sci-fi puzzle adventure that will test your teamwork and collaborative problem-solving skills.

Portal 2 is a puzzle-solving adventure in which you take control over one of two robots, lovingly named Atlas and Peabody. You will solve various puzzle rooms using portals, platforms, lasers, boxes, and even smaller robots

All of this takes place under the watchful eye of Aperture Science’s very own GLaDOS.

This is a game that will bring you together as you put your heads together to solve puzzles of varying difficulty with only what’s been provided to you. 

You can expect a lot of fun moments of victory, collective frustration, and even a little laugh as you sneakily kill your partner (though they might not find it as funny).


If you want a game that doesn’t involve any puzzle-solving, hack-and-slash looting, or difficulty surviving, perhaps Minecraft is what you need. This creative survival game is a bit more toned down on the survival aspects than Don’t Starve Together, but you’ll still enjoy working together.

This simple game involving blocks encourages creativity, and you can enjoy plenty of time together, building entirely new worlds together using only cubes. 

Creative Mode entirely removes the survival aspect and allows you to fly and access all materials, so you can let your imaginations run wild!

Check Out these Good Video Games for Couples


There are plenty of video games that you and your significant other can enjoy together, whether it’s an intense combat-driven game, a story-driven adventure, or a laidback creative game

All you need to do is start your game up and get Player 2 joined in. Then, you can have fun bonding and getting closer over a video game.