Future Technology That Will Change the World

Despite being thrust in a precarious time in history, with the virus pandemic conditions we face today, we are undoubtedly in the midst of a transformative landscape that is altering and changing the way we live. 

In a time when science and technology reign supreme, we can expect these innovative creations to not only to change our lives but also our world. We have to rethink and reshape the way we go about our lives.


Below you’ll find a list of future technology innovations that will probably change the world for the better in the coming years. Check these out and you’re guaranteed to find one that will open your eyes to how far we’ve come. 

Future Technology That Will Change the World

DNA Storage

With growing data storage concerns, scientists and researchers alike are looking into the possibility of DNA storage

After all, DNA is not only easy to replicate, they also can store 200 exabytes of data or around 200 million terabytes


Apart from its ease of use, the use of DNA can outlast the types of storage readily available to humans today, such as hard drives and SD cards which can remain stable for only a few years. 

DNA is being considered an alternative medium to ensure vital data survive. With the rising demand for future-proof data solutions, DNA has taken the spotlight not only for its wide range of capabilities but also its cost-efficient approach

Self-Healing Concrete

Made by a team of scientists and researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder, self-healing concrete is a development in the field of construction that can drastically change the building game. 


Using sand, gel, and bacteria, the researchers said the self-healing material is not only more environmentally friendly compared to concrete, but this also bears more heft as this is imbued with structural load-bearing properties. 

With this type of technology, future structures and buildings in need of repairs could easily heal their own cracks and decrease the need for that constant banging outside your window. 

In addition, this self-healing concrete could potentially pave the way for succeeding infrastructures to serve as a means for absorbing toxins in the environment. 

Given the healing material is capable of reproducing, this could bring about more cost-efficient outcomes in the future. 

Robotic Guide Dogs

While this idea may be a scene straight out of the famed Black Mirror television series, robotic guide dogs have recently been making waves on a number of social media networks. 

This can be attributed to groundbreaking technology and the creepy structure. 

Despite its disconcerting appearance, the robotic guide dog was designed by senior Industrial Design and Technology student, Anthony Camu, from U.K.’s Loughborough University to help blind people navigate their way

Currently a work-in-progress prototype, the device leverages laser light system lidar as well as cameras to help guide blind users as they walk. Through these technologies, users can safely walk towards their destination. 

Although the device called Theia is not the first innovation to address the blind community, this device hopes to be one of the smart tools that can not only give haptic feedback, but also track the weather, monitor traffic density, and many other aspects.

By replicating the key functions of a real guide dog and making it better and more accessible, Theia can cater to those with visual impairments who cannot house a real animal in their home.

Future Technology That Will Change the World

The Bottom Line

Future technology certainly holds a lot of promise for everyone. With the constantly improving landscape, we could expect some of the innovations on this list to manifest and change the world within the next few years.