Discover the Top 5 X Men Video Games

The X-Men characters feature in more games than most other games on the planet. From arcade games to video consoles, X-Men play a starring role everywhere.

The first-ever X-Men video game debuted in 1989, on Nintendo, and it was the first of many, many games. Today, there are currently more than 40 titles that have X-Men featured on the front and center.


One of the reasons why they are extremely praised is due to their diversity and this diversity is reflected in the video games as well. Up next we’re going to tell you about the best X-Men games.

Here Are the Top 5 X-Men Video Games in the World

X-Men Arcade – 1992

This Konami game is a wildly popular X-Men game and was the first one to meld the worlds of the mutant X-Men and the beat 0em0 up fighting games together.

The concept struck like gangbusters and the players could choose one of the six X-Men – either Cyclops, Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Dazzler, and Nightcrawler.


This game was actually released by the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade in 2011 with Android and IOS ports.

Unfortunately, due to rights issues, none of these versions are currently available and you have to find some old school arcade if you wish to have a chance of playing this revolutionary game.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine – 2009

It’s not common for a video game to outshine the movie, but in this case, it did. Well, it didn’t help that the Wolverine origins movie was considered terrible.


But the X-Men origins – Wolverine was able to defy all expectations. For the very first time, Wolverine’s rage was realized in a game – finally.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes – 2000

This game is widely considered as the crowning achievement in the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting games. Although it is technically not an X-Men exclusive game.

Close to 17 of the 23 playable characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 were X-Men villains and heroes. Most of them were never before seen and completely new in the Capcom fighting game.

This is actually a gold standard for which all of the future Marvel-related games would be compared to, and it still has a very huge community today, and tournaments are all over the world.

X-Men Legends Ii: Rise of Apocalypse – 2005

This game has managed to take everything from the X-Men Legends and make it better. It is often considered the best X-Men game out now, outshining others in almost every way possible.

It is noted for its expanded roster of playable characters and its very huge number of references and cameos. This game has been able to dig deep into Marvel storylines.

It has presented a tale that includes Shanna the She-Devil, Blink, the Ka-Zar, and many more.

X-Men 2: Clone Wars – 1995

This game is at the top of our list because it is superior in almost every way to the very difficult 1993 X-Men game. The difficulty has gone down and it is based on the popular X-Men comic book crossover – The “Phalanx Covenant.”

It has a very large roster of challenging bosses, numerous cameos, and great graphics. The infuriating mutant power energy gauges from its predecessor were removed as well.

This is in fact one of the best Sega Genesis titles out there, and most certainly one of the best X-Men games of all time.


X-Men play a big role in many of the games above due to their diversity and the popularity of the characters. There are no two game features that have the same cast of characters and this roster has expanded exponentially with time.