The Top 3 Seasons of the Friends TV Show

Was it a break or wasn’t it a break? If you’re a Friends fan, you’ll know exactly what that means, that’s how iconic the show is. Even almost 30 years after the show’s launch, people still discuss key moments in the Friends tv show.

The show debuted in 1994 with an average rating but it wasn’t until the later seasons that the Friends tv show took off and became a worldwide phenomenon. The show follows a group of twenty-somethings living life. 


The comedy sitcom lasted for 10 seasons and was one of the most popular TV shows in the late 90s. The show and its theme song have come to represent 90s pop culture. Let’s look at the show’s top 3 seasons. 

The Top 3 Seasons of the Friends TV Show
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Throughout its many seasons, Friends has seen creative highs and lows. The show has tackled many different topics including parenthood and friendships. 

However, the next top three seasons of the Friends TV show will always be remembered for their sheer fun and creative writing.


Season 4

Season 4 was when the show started to come together as a sitcom. Audiences became fully invested in the Ross and Rachel romance. Chandler got a storyline involving stealing Joey’s girlfriend and dealing with the fallout.

The true scene-stealer of this season was Phoebe and her storyline involving becoming a surrogate for her brother and his wife. This season gave Lisa Kudrow brought home her first and only Emmy.

Many other episodes from this season came out to be very strong including the two-part finale where Monica and Chandler slept together. All in all, the show was gearing towards its peak creativity with this season. 


It became clear that the show was on an upward swing of creativity when the show came back for a fifth season.

The Top 3 Seasons of the Friends TV Show
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Season 5

Season 5 became one of the best seasons of the show. This season followed the repercussions of Monica and Chandler’s one-night-stand. However, the build-up towards their romantic relationship was a slow burn.

The show took its time to develop each character and how the couple interacted with each other in a new way. It further explored how both characters reacted to certain things knowing that both had romantic feelings for each.

Apart from that storyline, Season 5 also dealt with the breakdown of Ross and Rachel’s drunken Las Vegas marriage which resulted in many gags for the show. 

The season was capped off with a hilarious season finale set in Las Vegas that was filled with a great storyline and tied up the entire season neatly.

The Top 3 Seasons of the Friends TV Show
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Season 8

For a show with 10 seasons, one would imagine that by the time Friends hit the eighth season it would show some signs of creative exhaustion. However, Friends once again showed that it still had steam left in this long-running show. 

Season 8 featured one of the best arcs wherein it would have been the reason for cancellation for other shows. During the eighth season, the writers decided to put Rachel’s pregnancy front and center. 

The show was on a streak with its funniest episodes and for the first time, Friends won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series even after 8 years io the air. Jennifer Anniston also won the Emmy for Best Actress that same year.

Season 8 showed that even with years under its belt, legendary sitcoms like Friends can still pull out good storylines and laughable gags. The show was the most-watched TV show for the 2001-2002 season.


The Friends tv show is still relevant today. In fact, there was a major outcry from viewers when Netflix decided to stop offering it on its service. The outcry was so huge that they had to bring it back.

The long-lasting popularity of the show means you can access it from a bunch of your electronics via streaming and even YouTube. Friends was a near-perfect tv show that encapsulated what friends and family are all about.