How to Use the Facebook Events Feature

Worldwide, 700 million people use Facebook Events monthly to market their events. Additionally, 35 million people view these public events on Facebook per day. This means that it is one of the most popular event platforms in the world today.

Facebook events feature is usually used to raise awareness for important occasions. It also helps you connect with customers and give them an experience that will make your brand stand out and become unforgettable.


Hosting an event comes with plenty of challenges. You have to invest plenty of money and effort in order to ensure its success. Planning and creating a marketing strategy is hard work. Facebook Events makes it easier. 

How to Use the Facebook Events Feature
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Here’s How to Use the Facebook Events Feature

Here is a step-by-step guide on Facebook Events Features.

Step 1 Start by Creating an Event

Log on to your business page on Facebook and click on the “Event Button.” You are ready to start the process of creating your next event.

How to Use the Facebook Events Feature
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Step 2 – Choosing a Video or Image

The next step is to upload a visual representation of the event such as a video or an image. For pictures, ensure to use the aspect ratio of 1200 x 628 pixels or the 1.9:1 size. 

In case you will be using a video, ensure that it is between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long. The image should be clear and shouldn’t have too much text on it. This is what is recommended, normally.

Sometimes more text is ok, depending on your site and messaging.

How to Use the Facebook Events Feature
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Step 3 – Give a Name to the Event

There isn’t too much room for you to get creative with this. The reason being that the maximum characters you can use for the name are limited to 64. Longer names will end up getting cut off on your mobile phone.

It is wise to keep it clear and to the point and also avoid using emoji’s and other special characters to name the event.

Step 4 – Ensure to Fill in All the Details

When filling this in, give the important details such as the location, category, a description of the event, keywords, and the most important is the time that the event shall take place so people can know when to be available. 

This also helps to increase the number of responses from people. Point to note: If your event shall be a collaboration with other hosts, include these co-hosts in the feature, especially if they shall be public figures. 

Add them in the co-hosts box, so the event can now show the calendar before boosting it and sharing it with your network. Adding many co-hosts shall increase the distribution of the event.

Step 5 – Choose the Frequency of the Event

Most events will be a one-time-only occurrence but others may require you to increase their frequency. A good example is a movie that is showing each night of the week or even a restaurant that hosts a specific food night.

Now, instead of having to keep on creating new events all the time, simply add multiple dates to the events feature so you can save time.

Step 6 – Promoting Your Event Organically

Before you even boost the event, it is a good idea to maximize the organic distribution first. This will help you get as many responses as possible. 

In case the event gains lots of traction locally, it can then be featured in the “Events you may like” section for your friends on Facebook. The event can get plenty of extra distribution if you can see it 

How to Use the Facebook Events Feature
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Once the event is created, you can then invite your friends and also share it via messenger or post it on your FB profile page.

Get as many staff from your company as possible to share on their profiles as well. It shall help you build a large organic distribution for the event. 

Share your stories, pictures, and updates on the events page to help it become the top thing on people’s minds and their newsfeeds as well.

How to Use the Facebook Events Feature
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Facebook is a great tool to get your stuff done. Facebook Events is a great way to get your event advertised in your neighborhood, city, country, or across the globe without financial costs.