How to Play the Battle Game War Thunder

War Thunder is the most detailed free-to-play, cross-platform MMO Military game for World War II and the Cold War. Aircraft, helixes, land forces, and naval ships in War Thunder work together to make combat realistic and competitive. 

You can choose from 1,700 vehicles, many of which are unique for a range of battle situations. You can blast your followers from a bomber tower, stand up against an air attack with antiaircraft guns and shoot down enemy planes.


You can join now and compete in big battles on the ground, in the air, and at sea in an ever-changing setting with millions of players from around the world. Read this blog to learn more! 

How to Play the Battle Game War Thunder
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A battle rating helps War Thunder assess your vehicle against others during combat to determine which ones can approach you.

You should not normally be approached by aircraft that has a higher or below 1BR than yours. It’s a little more complicated in arcade mode. Matchmaking functions by measuring value by using the BR of your top 3 planes in your line-up. 


This game makes a Combat Rating Difference of + /- 1 between teams. This is so that planes that are statistically too different can not be mixed because certain planes have better armaments and thus a higher RB. They are in the same class. 

According to this value, players with their top three planes with either 2 levels higher or 2 levels in lower rank should not be permitted to compete in the same battle.

There should also be no jets battling early warfighters. Below is the formula.



War Thunder has more than 1,700 very accurate planes, helicopters, tanks, warships, and other fighting vehicles that have been carefully designed from history and surviving sources. 

The most important historical battle theaters are 100 maps. War Thunder has intense PvP encounters with full-scale battle missions for all modes of play and experience at different difficulty levels and rich PvE material with diverse history promotions and solos. 

It has content updates regularly include new vehicles, maps, missions, and countries. War Thunder has amazing visuals, genuine sound effects, and lovely music that creates a world in which you can immerse yourself entirely.

How to Top Your Game

You can do this a simple tip before you start the war. To understand why you lost in a lower tank is important to know your tank from its armaments and armor thickness to its place in the speed and crew. 

Spend some time in the hangar and watch the x-ray mode on your tank to learn about the specs to learn which parts of your tank to cover from the enemy fire.

Attention to the top speed and weight of your vehicle will also give you tips about your tank’s battle position. Lightweight and fast tanks make excellent vehicles for attack and capture targets. 

Slow and heavily armed tanks are to be treated with greater caution but can withstand heavy damage as a reward.

Master Your Angles

The ballistic mechanics of War Thunder are elaborate. Your armor’s pitch and angle increase effectively both the thickness of your plate and the possibility that coats bounce or ricochet without causing any damage.

Therefore, the ultimate place to face the enemy is, in the majority of cases, at a 45° angle. Despite this, the improvement in your bracelet’s value makes your armor an important strategy and will help you get the most out of your tank.

The Right Shell

Spend some time with one tank, and soon you will find a large array of types of shells available, each one useful for itself. The right shell is the key to conquering the ground forces, from single specialist housings to strong all-round destroyers.

There are some acronyms: Armor Piercing (AP), High Explosive (HE), and Ballistic Caping (BC), which should be taken into consideration. 

The most common use shell in the game is an APHE since the shell offers an ideal combination of penetration and explosive damage. 

HE rounds can tempt players, but their inability to penetrate them is virtually ineffective against most tanks. Experimental specialty shells like HEAT and APCR require precise accuracy to prevent serious damage.

How to Play the Battle Game War Thunder
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Where to Get the Game

You can get War Thunder for your PC and consoles on Steam or check out their website for other options. 

With new video games coming out all the time, the ways to access them also change too.


Just as crucial as knowing everything about your own tank, it is also a lifesaver that you are aware of the essential shortcomings and strengths of other tanks. 

Taking a look at armor flaws, offensive frailties, or knowing how to keep some distance can help you take down your enemies in the game.