Credits on Google Play – How to Get Them for Free

Those with Android phones probably know that having credits on Google Play is very important. This ultimately means that learning how to get credits on Google Play for free is essential if you want to continue enjoying the many perks of Google Play.


Google Play credits are a currency used to purchase different items and services through Google Play. Whether you want to purchase mobile games, watch a movie, or read a book, you’ll need to know where to get credits on Google Play for free.

In this article, I explore what Google Play credits are all about, how to use them, and most importantly, how to get credits on Google Play for free.

  • What Are Google Play Credits?
  • How to Get Credits on Google Play for Free
  • Google Opinion Rewards Is Still Your Best Friend
  • Lose Weight and Gain an Extra Income
  • Sell Your Old Video Games Online
Credits on Google Play - How to Get Free
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What Are Google Play Credits?

Google Play credits are the in-app currency used to purchase apps, games, and other digital content within Google Play. I always make sure that I have enough Google Play credits so she can immediately purchase the content that I want for my phone.

Credits on Google Play - How to Get Free
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There are many ways to get Google Play credits on the internet. First, I can redeem Google Play gift cards and convert them to credits. Another way to get credits is through digital gift codes from many partner companies and organizations that offer them.


Then, there are also promo codes that are given away as freebies from many individuals and companies. There are still so many options to choose from and many digital wallets all over the world currently offer ways to provide you with Google Play credits.

Ways to Use Your Google Play Credits

There are a lot of ways to use my hard-earned Google Play credits. Some of them provide convenience while others have more significance to my hobbies. One good way to use Google Play credits is to pay for a YouTube Premium subscription.

Many of us don’t like ads on our YouTube videos. So what better way to eliminate them than by subscribing to the Premium version? It also unlocks many other features such as background playback, access to YouTube Music, and more.

Apart from that, I can also use them for a Google One subscription which is quite useful for my work. It is a cloud storage solution that allows me to increase my storage space up to 30TB. I can also purchase or just rent movies and books, pay for exclusive mobile games, and much more.

How to Get Credits on Google Play for Free

Google Play credits are not something that can be earned easily. I still need to invest some money to get these credits and then spend them on things like games and other digital products.

Credits on Google Play - How to Get Free
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Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to get credits on Google Play for free. My very first recommendation is through a site called MyPoints. MyPoints is all about completing small tasks such as playing games, watching videos, shopping for online items, and even completing different surveys and questions.

You’ll notice that a lot of my recommendations will include these tasks since most of them garner a good amount of points that can be converted to Google Play credits later on.

Each task that I complete lets me earn points and after earning a few more, I can then convert and withdraw them to my account. Take note that MyPoints is available for use on both Android and iOS devices.

Answer Surveys Through Swagbucks

You’ve probably heard of this app before but I am here to tell you more about it and how it works. Swagbucks is an app where users can get to make money from answering surveys.

It is literally the fastest method of earning cash that I can then use to purchase Google Play credits later on. Users get $5 just by signing up for the app and most surveys tend to pay around $0.25 up to $0.50 each.

I also get points from answering the surveys but I can only withdraw them once I get 1,000 points. I can then use these points to purchase Google Play credits. It’s a fast, easy, reliable, and very convenient way to earn credits on Google Play.

Google Opinion Rewards Is Still Your Best Friend

If there is one app in the world that I suggest you download, it’s the Google Opinion Rewards app. This is the app that gives me so many rewards by just using it to answer different surveys and questionnaires.

Credits on Google Play - How to Get Free
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Google Opinion Rewards is an app that lets users answer questions in exchange for Google Play credits. These surveys are opinion-based so don’t worry too much about your answer.

There are a lot of choices so there is no right or wrong answer. By using the app and letting them know your opinion, you get to earn free Google Play credits.

Remember that they offer surveys regularly so keep on checking the app for available surveys to answer.

Go for the Passive Income Apps

One good way to get Google Play credits for free is to have a passive income. What I like about having a passive income is that I don’t have to invest a lot of time in order to earn money.

All I need to do is let it run in the background and I get to profit from it without having any trouble. While these types of apps do not offer a huge amount, it is still an income that is worth trying if you want to have Google Play credits on your account.

One of the best examples of a passive income app is MobileXpressions. MobileXpressions is an app where a market research company wants to understand how you use the internet on your mobile phone and you get gift cards for your Google Play in return.

Lose Weight and Gain an Extra Income

Who would have thought that losing weight could also be a good way to earn extra income? There is an app called HealthyWage that I have downloaded and used for a couple of weeks. It has given me the ability to earn an extra income.

Credits on Google Play - How to Get Free
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HealthyWage is a fitness app where users get to sign-up with five or more people to work out together. The main goal is to lose weight and be healthy.

I also get to track all of my achievements on the app. Unlocking these achievements allows me to earn a few bucks. All I needed to do was register an account, set weight loss goals, answer a survey, and then get to work.

At the end of the day, I am able to convert my earnings into Google Play credits and keep myself healthy and fit at the same time.

Get a Costco Membership

Downloading apps to earn passive income or answering surveys is not the only way to get free Google Play credits. There are still a lot of companies and organizations that also offer free credits. One very good example is a Costco membership.

Of course, you will need to invest in the membership first before you can get the free credits. There are a lot of benefits to joining a Costco membership but having discounted and sometimes, even free credits are the best part.

I always make sure to check all the benefits of the membership so that I can take advantage of it whenever I need it.

Sell Your Old Video Games Online

There are a lot of things that I can do to try and get free credits for Google Play. However, it is very important to only do it legally and legitimately.

Credits on Google Play - How to Get Free
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As a gamer, I always try to update my list of video games to play. There are some that I have already finished playing with and would rather have new ones to play with.

This is why I often sell my old video games online for Google Play credits. This way, I get to use those credits to purchase new ones online or save them, later on, to buy that triple-A video game that I have been wanting for a long time.

One very good example of a website that lets me sell old video games in exchange for credits is GameFlip.

Play Games and Earn

If you’re fond of playing games, why not try Mistplay? Mistplay is an app where I can easily make money while also having fun playing different games.

Mistplay hosts hundreds of mobile mini-games where you can play for countless hours and earn points. Each point can then be converted to cash or gift cards to be used in Google Play. It’s that easy.


Learning how to get Google Play credits for free is never a bad thing. We all need to find better ways to save money and if there are things that you can do to help save money or earn something for free.

If you only have limited free time, these are just a few tips on how you can get credits on Google Play. Go ahead and try out the methods presented in this article!