4 Reasons Why Deepfake Technology Is Dangerous

Everything has a good side and a bad side including technology. Technology has brought massive changes to the world. Some of them have improved our lives and then some, like deepfake technology could be dangerous.

The use of technology has helped us make major progress in science and health so that people are living longer and healthier lives. But there are ways to manipulate good technology to make it bad. 


Such is the case of using deepfake technology, which can cause misinformation and chaos when placed in the wrong hands. Up next we’re going to tell you exactly what it is and how it can affect you. 

4 Reasons Why Deepfake Technology Is Dangerous
Image Source: Business Insider

What Is Deepfake Technology?

Deepfake technology is the combination of deep learning and the use of AI technology to falsify videos and make them look real. Deepfake AI functions within an algorithm where it can learn and make decisions on its own. 

Some might even think that this is the precursor of those horrific sci-fi movies where AI became sentient and started causing chaos.


However, the real danger is not within the technology itself. The danger lies in the disinformation that this technology can produce. It is thought that its main objective is to make people believe that something is real when it isn’t.

How Does It Work?

Deepfake technology produces its counterfeit system by acknowledging and studying a certain subject. It captures all of the movement, speech patterns, behavior, and many other aspects from different angles.

Once the technology has gained enough information, it then processes all the data using GANs or generative adversarial networks to make it even more believable. 


It reduces any flaws that might be detected by security systems which makes it even more difficult to detect.

The deepfake video undergoes several more rounds to become flawless and believable. It is then released into the public and becomes the perfect arsenal for groups who want to create chaos and spread fake news and lies to the public.

Promoting Chaos

One of the many reasons why deepfake technology is very dangerous is that it promotes disinformation. 

Fake news has always been one of the major causes of chaos all over the world as people are quick to believe news and information without checking the source. This can immediately cause chaos and dissent within a system

Much like the Greek’s Trojan Horse in ancient times, deepfake videos can pose as a seemingly innocent video but later on cause massive destruction to an already fragile system.

4 Reasons Why Deepfake Technology Is Dangerous
Image Source: CNBC

Identity Theft

Deepfakes can also be used to steal your identity. These videos can seem so real that they can be edited enough to instigate any act that may land you in hot water. 

Videos used can make you look bad to other people thus propagating or insinuating something that may not be true. It can even ruin your business or tear down your reputation within your community.

Promoting Scams

Speaking of identity theft and the use of deepfake technology to propagate disinformation, it can also be used to scam folks. 

These videos can be used to encourage people to click different links which can lead to phishing attacks. One can have their identity stolen in an instant and have it used to scam other people.

Truth Becomes Hard To Believe

When you have deepfake videos spread across the internet, it can become difficult to know what is true and what is false. 

These deepfake videos are often the first ones made public and heavily favor the person who will gain the most from the video. 

The truth becomes marred with all the made-up information hence creating a problem that is very difficult to solve.

How To Identify A Deepfake Video

Identifying a deepfake video is not easy. It can be very challenging to determine whether a certain video has been tampered with or not. 

One sign that it can be a deepfake video is to look closer to see if the person blinks naturally. Humans tend to blink by instinct and if the video does not share such a reaction, it could be a deepfake video.

Look closer and check out the surroundings and see if there’s something that sticks out that makes it look edited. Observe lighting and sound as well as the movement of the person and see if it seems natural.

You will also need to remember that if you feel like the video is fake or seems doctored, it may likely be a deepfake video. Trust your instincts and let your gut decide if it’s true or not.


Research indicates that the use of deepfake technology will not end any time soon, and may be set to do bigger things like affect elections. 

And as we know, technology and AI are improving day by day, so the best thing you can do is be careful about the content you consume and utilize trusted sources.