Why Tech and Travel Are Essential in Today’s World

Digital tech has given people more freedom of choice and a greater number of people are traveling than before. With new tech innovations, people now plan their holidays on their own without needing travel agents. 

Or, they decide on an itinerary with the help of a guidebook and recommendations from friends and family. With smartphone tech and internet connectivity, people can now arrange their flights, hotel stays and plan their travel itinerary at home.  


Most people are armed with detailed information about where to eat and shop even before they get to their destination. Companies like Airbnb are encouraging people to explore personalized and pocket-friendly options to stay. 


Why Tech and Travel Are Essential in Today's World

The World is Your Oyster!

As per a Google Travel study, almost 3 in 4 people plan their trip online. Also, millennials have been a major driving force in blending travel with tech since they are tech-savvy and love to travel. 


The travel industry, in keeping with the changing trends, is fast adapting its business models to target this demographic with attractive product offerings. 

Let’s look at some of the tech advances that are currently defining travel across the globe. 

Mobile tech

The cell phone literally runs our lives. This is our map, our tour guide, travel agency, locator for nearby restaurants and shopping hubs. 


As per TripAdvisor, 1 in 2 people use their mobile phones to plan entire vacations for themselves and their families. For travel companies, this means adapting their services and customer outreach strategies to align with technology. 

Many airlines provide whole ticketing solutions from web check-in to boarding passes online. Travelers now have their whole itinerary in the palm of their hands as they take in the sights and sounds of the world.

Iceland’s Tourism Campaign 2020

2020 has been a tough year; and it is not over yet. Iceland, in collaboration with private institutions, has released an ad campaign called Let It Out.  

They want you to record your scream and share it with them and they will release it in Iceland’s wide-open spaces. They even have a web app for it. Innovative much, would you say? 

This is designed to provide some relief from the current tensions and frustrations that many of us are going through. And it is a gentle reminder of all that this beautiful country offers to tourists. 

It’s also a reminder that in the future there are going to be even more ways to travel and connect with people and places.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Has Changed the Way You Travel

The travel industry has intuitively utilized IoT in various verticals to ensure better customer experience. Online flight and hotel aggregators offer you deals that suit your profile and as per your previous browsing history. 

All notifications regarding flight and baggage status are sent to your smartphone directly. Besides phone check-ins, many hotels provide customized room settings as per the guest’s preferences using data from their previous visits.

Big Data

Big data is driving Business Intelligence (BI) in a big way. The information that is collected from user visits is leveraged to drive the marketing strategy of travel brands. 

Using market segmentation, these companies can focus their campaigns optimally and get good return on investment (ROI) for their campaigns. And that big data also helps companies deliver what customers want.

Why Tech and Travel Are Essential in Today's World


So, how will technology shape travel in the future? In the next few years, travelers will increasingly expect more personalized services, in keeping with the current trend. 

Travel companies will continue to woo customers using a blend of mobile strategy and targeted marketing. 

With options that offer a personal touch, such as Airbnb, home-stays, or a culinary experience with a local chef being on offer, the future is rife with possibilities for the travel sector.