Understanding the Hype Around the Fortnite Video Game

Some games are certainly a hit when they come into the market than others that take time. For example, today one of the hyped-up video games has got to be Fortnite. 

But what makes this game so much hyped all across the globe? Well, that’s a question that anyone would find hard to answer as several factors contributed. 


Maybe it is the game’s mainframe or the overall gameplay that engages the gamer. One thing is for sure, you can’t simply place your finger on one subject.

Understanding the Hype Around the Fortnite Video Game
Image Source: Washingtonpost.com

Fortnite Game

One thing that is for sure about this game is that it is more of a crossover between shooter and Minecraft. As a player of the game, your main aim to survive the multiple attacks that will be launched on you.

When the game was launched sometime in July, it was only for consoles and PCs alone. But there have been rumors that the developer is looking to broaden the horizon due to the hype it is getting. 


There is an iOS app for the game that is available, however – it’s an invite-only app.

In September the battle royale mode of the game graced the market. And that took the game to a whole new level as more people looked further into the game. The battle royale is more or less the apex center of the game.

In the battle royale, you have a massive crowd of around 100 plus fighters looking to fight and survive. The thing that makes this mode even more popular is that there can only be one survivor here.


Why the Game is Popular

There are a lot of reasons why the game is so popular today and one of them is social media. Like everything else, social media seems to be able to magnify anything and bring in the traffic wanted. This has been the case here.

Other than that, there was a time in March when Drake dropped in a session with ‘’Ninja.’’ This is a professional gamer and streaming star and this drew a whopping 628000 concurrent views on Twitch.

How to Play

The gameplay for this game is pretty much the same as every other ‘survivor themed’ game. You have to ensure that by the end of the day, you are the last man standing in the game. 

Here, during the day, you have to fight off other players, who want to make it to the end as you. During the night, you don’t have to only fight other players, you also have zombies to contend with. 

You have to survive to the end of the big battle if you are to win the game. The landscape can be your biggest advantage when you play this game.

At one point, it offers you a place where you can build shelter and hideout for all the action around you. You can also use it to find a number of materials that will help you fight or hide better within the game. 

You can hide out during other battles, but the massive one, you need to be in contention to be the last man standing.

Understanding the Hype Around the Fortnite Video Game
Photo credit: Nbcnews.com

People Who Play the Game

As of this date, the game has been launched by over 150 million users worldwide and that furthers the hype the game is receiving. The game went on to become an overnight obsession for most gamers this year.

Other statistics say that the game has been able to contribute up to 12.8% of the views on YouTube gaming and Twitch – by Amazon.com


If you want badass gameplay on your computer, get on this game. But remember, you will have legit formidable competitors if you take it to real gameplay level.