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Have you ever thought of a computer that can interact with us the way we interact with other people? Can you imagine walking into your office and your computer tells you if you are in a good or bad mood? 


Much as this seems to be a fiction, with advanced technology, Blue Eyes is focusing on this technology. Blue Eyes technology is about giving computers human power. Just like humans have perceptual abilities, the computer can too.

It is about the computer using perceptual and sensory abilities to understand a person’s emotional state by reading their facial expressions, and more. We’re going to tell you more down below.

Learn All About Blue Eyes Technology Here
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Blue Eyes Technology

Can you imagine a computer that can scream, listen, and talk? This computer does this by collecting your information and interacts with you using special techniques like speed recognition, facial recognition, and others. 


When you touch its mouse, this computer can read your emotions. It is able to verify your identity, acknowledge your presence, and then start to interact with you.

For instance, you can ask this computer to call your friend and it is able to realize the situation’s urgency using the mouse, dial your friend, and establish a connection. 

Since human cognition depends on the ability to take, interpret, and integrate audio-visuals and censoring information, if you give computers extraordinary perceptual abilities, they can work together with humans.


Blue eyes technology aims at creating computers with perceptual and sensory abilities just like human beings. 

These computers use non-obtrusive sensing methods, microphones, and video cameras to identify the user’s actions via imparted sensory abilities

 It can understand what you want, the direction you are looking, and realize your emotional or physical state.

How it Works

Blue eyes technology recognizes human emotions with the help of image processing techniques. This works by extracting the eye portion from the taken image and compares it with the image stored in the database. 

This advanced technology enables computers to talk, listen, and feel humans’ presence using several artificial intelligence tools like fingerprint, video calls, face recognition, etc.

This technology is meant to simplify life through the provision of user-friendly facilities. It also has bridged the gap between humans and computers.

 Now they are partners, friends, and/or companions. This technology has also reduced manual work since most of it is done by the computer. 

Emotional Mouse

An emotional mouse gets physiological information and passionate state, for instance, pressure, heartbeat, temperature, etc. 

When a client touches on the mouse that has various sensors like pressure sensors, heartbeat sensors, temperature sensors, etc, various sensors are sent inside it. 

It’s at this point that the computer will decide the client’s character.

Magic Pointing (Manual And Gage Input Cascading)

This computer uses a webcam to decide the understudies and gleams of the client under factor and real lightning conditions and wrap the cursor to every new object the client looks at. 

The client assumes responsibility at this point for the objective by hand near to the objective or overlooks it and pursues the next one.

Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition

The client talks to the computer using a mouthpiece and that discourse is moved to RAM. The contained words are examined and coordinated against the already existing put away words. 

For instance, Coordinating is meant to search for the best fit in pitch, tumult, recurrence distinction, time hole, and others. The recognizable proof enables some move to be made.

Factors that affect the quality of speech include noise level, the speaker’s grammar against that accepted by the system, noise type, position of the microphone, speed of speech, etc.

Learn All About Blue Eyes Technology Here
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Purpose of Blue Eyes Technology

  • Reduces manual work
  • Used for visual attention monitoring
  • Used for physiological monitoring
  • Bridge the gap between humans and computers

Last Remarks

With advancing technology and the help of artificial intelligence, brace yourselves for a computer that can talk, listen, and interact with you. 

This technology is meant to reduce manual work, bridge the gap between humans and computers, and generally simplify life.