Funny Things to Ask Google Homes

Did you know that Google Home is actually really funny, and has got some very strong opinions? The funniest answers have got to be about questions about the Tooth Fairy, where babies come from, and its favorite color.

If you are just bored or are looking for a good laugh, just go to Google Home and ask a variety of questions, just to see what answers will come up. It’s got some pretty amazing tricks up its sleeve and will make your day.


For example, if you just say “I’m bored.”-  your Google assistant has got some pretty scary stories to share. Let’s take a look at some of the funny questions people have been asking and the answers from Google Home.

Funny Things to Ask Google Homes
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You Say: Ok. Google, Clean My Room

If you happen to ask Google home this question, or rather make this statement, just for fun, assuming that it probably has a vacuum to do the cleaning work for you. It will not disappoint at all.

Answer: “Let me try… *makes some magical noises.* Then, did anything happen? Sorry, I guess I just can’t do that.”


Unfortunately, of course, technology hasn’t advanced to these levels, but Google Play Music can still play your favorite songs as you clean up your room so you can have fun while doing the deed. 

You Say: Google, By the Way, Do You Speak Morse Code, Like At All?

We all know that Google Home is able to speak in many different languages, depending on the region you live in, but have you ever wondered whether it can speak in Morse code?

Answer: “-.–. …That means “yes.'”                   


Hahaha. Yup, it’s a Google joke and Google Home even tries to give a demonstration. Of course, it doesn’t, and when you ask it to translate something into Morse code, it will give yet another fun idea. 

You Say: “Google, Do You Have Any Imagination At All?”

We have to warn you that testing Google Home will only backfire on you, because it is pretty smart, and its main aim is to ensure that it answers all questions in a funny way.

Answer. “I’m currently imagining having 12 puppies that I can take care of. But. Sorry, I just need to stop imagining such things. I am already pretty exhausted.”

Well, those are way too many puppies and anyone would be exhausted just thinking about them, but you’ve got to love that answer.  

You Say: “Google, Help… I’m Naked!”

You shouldn’t really try to play around with Google Home, because it might just end up embarrassing you and giving you what you deserve. 

Too much information also doesn’t faze it at all, and one of the funniest questions you can ask is about being naked. 

Answer: “Well, if you are planning on going out like that, I can definitely check out the weather for you.”

Simply put, for the sake of everyone, just don’t go outside looking like that. But if you will be, you need to know the weather – clever!

You Say: “Hey Google Assistant, All Your Base Are Belong to us.”

This is one of the best-known gaming memes that ever came out of the 1992 Sega Mega Drive port in the Zero Wing game. Its opening is infamous for its poorly translated English and this includes this classic phrase above.

If you happen to say this to Google Home, expect the following answer.

Answer: “For great justice.”

Moral: Don’t try to beat Google, it will beat you at your own game. The answered line is actually spoken by the captain of the ship after he has been informed of the status. 

This response simply shows that Google knows its gaming culture pretty well. 

Funny Things to Ask Google Homes
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 When life gets too serious, spend some time laughing and having fun, because it’s good for you. Google Assistant has some of the best comebacks you could ever expect and can keep you entertained for hours.