Discover How to Get Followers on Instagram

Social media was created as a way to create a social network full of friends, family, and acquaintances. However, social media today offers so much more than connecting with friends and family. It has become a platform for commercial activities such as buying and selling, as well as marketing.

No matter the reason people use social media, they might find themselves wanting to get more followers. This makes sense, especially for starting influencers, marketers, and celebrities. In fact, brands and companies are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Those whose preferred platform is Instagram will be glad to know that they can increase their following organically. What they just need is a strategy that works for them. The following points offer insights about organic followers and how to get more of them.

  • Organic vs Inorganic Follows
  • Plan According to Data
  • Create Worthwhile Content
  • Use Optimization Techniques
  • Reach Out to Your Followers
Discover How to Get Followers on Instagram
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Organic vs Inorganic Follows

For many people, building a following is as simple as getting followers, no matter how they got there. What they need to realize is that follows can be classified as organic and inorganic. This distinction is important as it can affect the account’s reputation and credibility.

Discover How to Get Followers on Instagram
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The first thing people should know about organic followers is that those can be considered real and unpaid followers. These users typically found the post through natural methods such as shares, reposts, and hashtags, and not through paid means.


Meanwhile, inorganic followers are those obtained through unnatural means that are typically paid. This includes paid promotions that are meant to boost engagements such as views, likes, comments, follows, and shares. This also covers using apps that help increase the number of followers for a fee.

With this, the essential difference between organic and inorganic follows is the fee. It is important to note that inorganic or paid methods are acceptable to jumpstart the account. However, straight up paying for followers is always a no-no.

Why Go For Organic Followers?

This is why marketers and influencers should always go for organic followers. This means that they are interacting with real, live users who they can convert into leads and, eventually, sales. Remember, paid followers are only doing what they are paid to do and have minimal chances of being converted to sales.


An organic following also helps build credibility. Marketers want to ensure that they show a trustworthy social media persona and paying for bots and fake followers can create the opposite image. Plus, real followers entail real influence, thus real results.

Lastly, marketers and influencers aim to have organic followers because it is a more worthwhile achievement. To understand, try to imagine and compare the sense of fulfillment that comes from gaining real followers to fake ones.

Plan According to Data

Moving on to tips and tricks that can help users gain real followers, the first thing they should always do is check the data. Instagram comes with analytics tools that give users an overview of their engagements. It shows information such as the gender, age range, and location of their audience.

Discover How to Get Followers on Instagram
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Moreover, it provides an idea of what type of content gains more engagement from what kinds of followers. Probably one of the most important things that analytics offer is a view of what time of day gets more engagement such as views, comments, likes, and impressions.

The Instagram Insight tool can help users plan their content. If they get more engagement at this time of day on a specific day of the week, then they should plan to post such content on those specifications. This way, they not only boost their engagements but also improve their metrics.

What many people should know is that aside from the built-in analytics tool, they can use third-party apps that offer a wide variety of insights. IG Audit is one of these tools.

Consistency Is Key

Now that marketers have created a content calendar based on metrics, what they need to do next is to maintain their engagements. It is important to realize that social media offers a quick and consistent content fix. The reality is that the audience expects the same from marketers and influencers.

This is why consistency in posting content is one of the most vital skills when it comes to social media marketing. Remember, when followers notice that influencers post at this particular time of day, they tend to look forward to more posts around that time.

Users can take advantage of this as it means that people are expecting new postings around this time, creating a sort of captive audience.

Create Worthwhile Content

Aside from knowing the times when their followers are active and engaging, marketers and influencers also need to make sure that they post content that is worth their audience’s time, whatever format they decide to post it.

Discover How to Get Followers on Instagram
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So, whether they come up with an idea for a photo, video, or reel, they should go with ones that can add value to their audience’s lives. This value can come in the form of information, realization, reflection, entertainment, and many others.

What’s important is that the post is only intended to promote their brand, goods, and services. Instead, it should aim to connect with the audience and leave something for viewers to take away.

While visual and audio-visual content is the main focus of Instagram, users should also take advantage of what the captions have to offer. This section allows them to include keywords and tags that can help lead the right people to their posts.

Scope Your Competitors

Now, it is understandable if users are not so familiar with various techniques that can make their content more worthwhile for their audience, especially if they are just starting out. The best way to go is to check out what their competitors are doing.

It is important to clarify that this does not mean copying exactly what they are posting. What users should do is take notes from their competitors and observe what techniques and trends they are following.

From there, users can jump off from these observations and give it a go with their own twist. To do this successfully, they need to not only make the content of their own, but also imbue such content with their brand visuals, values, and overall message.

Use Optimization Techniques

Another thing influencers and marketers should do to get more followers is to optimize their profiles and content. Optimization is one of the most popular buzzwords in digital marketing today, and it remains relevant even in the world of social media marketing.

Discover How to Get Followers on Instagram
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Users should remember that their audience is looking for accounts to follow that are relevant to them, and this is where optimization comes in. Influencers and brand accounts should make their profiles known to their audience so that they know to give them a follow.

One way to do this is to use keywords and brand names where it matters including the username, description, content, and caption. Hashtags and geotags also offer many advantages, as these are primarily made to help users find the content they are interested in.

Use Hashtags Smartly

Tags are effective ways to help the target audience find the marketer, but only if they use them effectively. What typically happens is that marketers find out that they can utilize hashtags for marketing purposes and proceed to use them heavily.

This is a mistake because it makes the marketer look spammy. What users need to do is to use only the appropriate hashtags. This way, they can only reach the audiences that they are targeting while maintaining a more reputable and credible image.

Reach Out to Your Followers

For influencers and marketers, getting their image and message out may seem like the most important thing. However, one vital activity is reaching out to audiences. Remember, the audience likes feeling involved with brands they are interested in.

Discover How to Get Followers on Instagram
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To do this, users should make it a point to interact with followers by replying to comments, giving replies some likes, and even sharing posts about the brand.

This also creates an idea that the brand or influencer is easy to connect with, so the target market would be able to find information about any of their products, services, and other offerings with minimal hassle.

Offer Promos and Deals

One thing that most successful brands do is offer promotions and deals such as giveaways, contests, raffles, and many others.

This generates additional engagements, depending on the mechanics of the promotion. It also creates a generous and more welcoming image for the brand, which can attract more potential customers.

Final Thoughts

There are many things marketers and influencers can do to get more followers on Instagram through organic methods. With these techniques and tips, users can build a more organic following and grow their social media accounts into more prosperous ones.



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