5 Unknown Facts About the Uncharted Video Game Series

Have you been adventuring with Uncharted’s Nathan Drake? The action-packed game series has won over the hearts of millions with its memorable characters and engaging storytelling.

The third-person shooter series is full of brilliant story-lines and action sequences that follow the adventures of Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter and fortune seeker. When you finish roaming the world, it feels strange.


There’s probably an Uncharted-shaped void in your life. This article will fill that void with 5 Uncharted facts that you probably didn’t know. Continue reading to find out a bit of trivia about the characters, actors, makers, and story line!

5 Unknown Facts About the Uncharted Video Game Series

Nathan Nate Drake’s Age

Even though PlayStation players have known Nate for years, very few of them know exactly how old he is. The answer to this is provided in the story, but not too explicitly.

Nate reveals to Sully in an Uncharted 3 conversation that he was 15 when they first met in Cartagena, Colombia, 20 years before the game’s events.


This means Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception takes place when Nate is 34, and he is 38 in Uncharted 4: A thief’s end. Now you know! The second son of archaeologist Cassandra Morgan, Nathan Nate Drake was born in 1976.

Emily Rose Did Not Get The Role

American Actress Emily Rose got her big acting break by playing the lead female character throughout the Uncharted Series. However, she did not get the role of Elena Fisher at first.

She was working on set to keep track of the scripts while on the sound stage. She was later asked to come back to read lines with other participants for the audition. Emily filled in the lines of Elena when Nolan auditioned for Nate’s role.


The game director was very impressed by their substantial on-screen chemistry. Emily was cast immediately as everyone’s favorite journalist Elena Fisher.

Uncharted Censorship in Japan

Did you know Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was censored in Japan? Yes! It was claimed that the game-play consists of a lot of violence, blood, and gun-play. So, the Japanese consoles had removed blood from the game.

So, visual damage to enemies was limited. It did not look like the enemies were affected when the players shot them. The aim was to avoid any psychological impact on young players.

However, the censorship confused kids and had to be removed. Now, Japanese players too can enjoy the third-person shooter game and get the full Uncharted experience.

Nolan North’s On-Set Injuries

Throughout the Uncharted Series, actor Nolan North was driven to deliver the best acting output. Be went above and beyond to make his portrayal of Nathan Drake as realistic as possible.

He suffered several on-set injuries while shooting the action sequences. As Nathan has a lot of gunshot wounds and broken bones, Nolan wanted to depict true pain on screen.

This is why he did motion capture for Uncharted 3 while suffering from broken ribs. This extra pain surely made the anguish on Nate’s face very realistic.

There Were Different Plans for Uncharted 4

You’ve waited 5 long years to play Uncharted 4. However, the present version is not as it was originally intended to be.

Director and writer Amy Hennig was an integral part of Uncharted games and played a key role in the early development of Uncharted 4 as well. She left the job in 2014, leaving her version of the story unfinished.

Later when Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann were appointed as directors, they started the project from scratch. Now, you can only imagine what Hennig’s version of Uncharted could have been.

5 Unknown Facts About the Uncharted Video Game Series


These were some facts to give you more insight into the world of the Uncharted Series. If you still want to dig deeper and find out more, the internet can give you all the juicy details you need.