4 Signs it Is Time to Get a WiFi Booster

It can be a challenge to get reliable and quick WiFi around the entire building. In an upstairs bedroom, maybe there’s a dead zone where your kids want to stream a movie, or maybe there’s a signal drop in the backyard.

In many homes, WiFi has become as indispensable as electricity, but WiFi efficiency can be temperamental. Even the most efficient WiFi router can miss some locations, given all the computers, and devices in a single space.


WiFi boosters are a very cheap and easy way to give a performance boost to your network coverage. Here are four everyday situations and reasons where your wireless experience can be improved with a WiFi booster.

4 Signs it Is Time to Get a WiFi Booster

What Is a WiFi Booster?

By enhancing or amplifying existing signals, a WiFi signal booster expands the WiFi network coverage area. It allows all wireless devices to link to the Internet or similar wireless networks within the extended coverage space.


It is a creative approach that works by pulling a transmitter into an existing weak WiFi. Before broadcasting the transmission to more rooms where appropriate, it then amplifies it.

In the process of hitting multiple floors in a house, all the corners of a home, and even your yard, office, or home, the WiFi signal booster helps to effectively expand your existing WiFi network.

Since you’re reading this, there might be occasions when you may have found that some rooms or places hardly have WiFi in your office or home. The wireless coverage would be improved with a WiFi booster to reach more expansive areas of need.


Sign 1: There Are Dead Spots

Places, where the WiFi signal disappears entirely in your building, are referred to as dead areas or as dead spots.  In certain instances, you might have moved beyond the WiFi router’s control, or maybe an architectural function in your home prevents the signal from getting through.

If there are spots or areas in your house where no WiFi signal can be received, a WiFi network extension or WiFi booster can help fill in the coverage and remove those dead spots.

Every time the WiFi signal transmitted by the WiFi router is too weak to sustain a strong link, a dead spot occurs at a basic level. The WiFi signal of a router travels a finite distance (defined by the WiFi standard).

For instance, compared to clients closer to the router, WiFi devices farther away from the router can manage to get only 10-50 percent of the bandwidth. Furthermore, typical home features like thick walls can affect the WiFi signal.

Sign 2: You Want a Faster Connection

Filling in dead spots is generally associated with WiFi boosters and WiFi extenders. Still, they may also be used to add higher speeds and even new functionality to your WiFi network.

As an option, you can upgrade to the latest WiFi technology, including 802.11ac speeds, by adding a booster or extender to your current network without the hassle of upgrading your WiFi router.

Note that if your router is older and does not support AC, you will not get the fastest possible WiFi speeds, but these blazing fast speeds will be added to your network through an 802.11ac WiFi booster.

Sign 3: Your Home Is Huge

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) states the average size of a US home has nearly doubled since 1970.

It is difficult for a single wireless router to cover a larger home, significantly when the signal is further weakened by home construction factors, such as concrete.

You can try to place your WiFi router in the most central area of the home if you have a larger home, but you’ll most probably need to install a WiFi booster to help your signal reach the far ends of your home.

Sign 4: You Want WiFi Outside

It’s only standard that we want to start using it in more areas as our dependency on WiFi increases, such as out by the pool, in the front yard, or maybe in a detached garage.

In this situation, in the part of your home nearest to the outdoor area where you want coverage, you can add a WiFi booster, and you won’t need to use your cellular data while you’re outdoors.

4 Signs it Is Time to Get a WiFi Booster


A WiFi booster is a smart piece of tech that will capture your wireless transmission at the inception point for smooth results. If you’re experiencing the above issues, it might be time to invest in one.