My PlayHome: An Interactive Kid’s Game

Are you frustrated with all the tiny pieces of your child’s dollhouse that keep getting lost and broken? Well, maybe it’s time to shift to a new dollhouse. 

My PlayHome is a hassle-free virtual dollhouse that can excite your kids for hours. Compatible with a wide array of mobile devices, this captivating dollhouse is just the interactive game your little ones need! 


Suitable for even 2 to 8-year-old, My PlayHome flaunts a user-friendly yet entertaining game-play. In this article, you can learn how to download and play this game with your kids. 

My PlayHome: An Interactive Kid's Game

Features of My PlayHome

My PlayHome has transported the complete dollhouse-experience to the digital world. Kids can now create a complete virtual home with a backyard, choose an adorable five-member family, and explore and interact with them in hundreds of ways. 

Kids can add up to 15 characters Including the main characters – mom, dad, boy, girl, and baby – during each game session.


Young children enjoy the scope for creativity and flexibility when they can choose races, outfits, activities, etc. for their characters. There is no built-in story but children can play, explore, and share their own stories. 

Thanks to the attention to detail, young players have a lot of fun feeding their dolls, giving them baths, or doing fun things like making their doll children jump on the bed.

The story-telling feature in this game can enhance language and reading skills. The app offers an uninterrupted experience as there are no in-app purchases or advertisements. 


Once downloaded, the new rooms, features, and accessories for dollhouse and its residents can be availed for free. 

How to Play My PlayHome

Playing this game is simple and effortless. It’s so easy that you do not need any instructions or guidelines. Kids as young as 2 years old can point and click to wake their dolls, open the cupboard, dress their dolls, and even make it rain. 

The game is ideal for the curious nature of children as they can use it to explore everything in the house – from micro-ovens to hairdryers. The dollhouse is under the player’s full control. Want to change the music? 

Simply insert a different CD. Don’t like so much light in the room? Close the drapes! 

What’s more? In this digital version of the dollhouse, the dolls are not confined to the house. They can go to the storehospital, and school as the app seamlessly transitions into other My PlayHome apps. 

Where to Buy My PlayHome

Love the idea of this game? You can have a blast playing house with your kids, without having to worry about all the miniature parts of an actual dollhouse. Thankfully, my PlayHome is available on a wide assortment of devices. 

You can pay a small amount of $3.99 on iTunes and simply download on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. 

Available for just $2.99 on Android, you can get it on your Android devices. The app can also be purchased on Nook HD, Kindle Fire, and Windows devices.

How to Enhance Your Child’s Development With My PlayHome

This fun app can be quite educational as well. To get the most out of it, you can sit with your kids while they play the game. 

You can ask open-ended questions about different character’s actions. These conversations can help your little one compare and contrast the activities on the app with what happens at home. 

Your child’s language can improve too. To probe him or her to learn to use more vocabulary words in context, talk to them while they are doing things in the dollhouse.

My PlayHome: An Interactive Kid's Game


My PlayHome is a great way to encourage children to express themselves through storytelling. Great for child development, this powerful app is a must-have for parents with little kids at home.