Minecraft Guide: How to Build a Nether Portal

Today, Minecraft is a different beast than when it started as 2009’s tween, developmental, one-person show. Their IP has accumulated billions of dollars worth of capital since those nostalgic early days of grassroots Minecraft.

This is where its genius was evangelized through word of mouth across school playgrounds around the world and created a global following of passionate crafters.


Do you want to know how important a Nether Portal is in Minecraft? Do you want to know how to build this? Up next we’re going to tell you how to build the most stellar Nether Portal ever.

Minecraft Guide: How to Build a Nether Portal
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Generation of Tinkers

Minecraft is a world of trial and error, full of Byzantine codes, hidden recipes and obscure text commands, and of relentless exploration.

While significant companies want computers to be user-friendly with graphic point and click tools, thinking it is better to hide from the average consumer how the machine really functions, Minecraft says ‘Nah’!


This game allows players to get under the hood, smash things, repair them, and transform one thing into random-number generators with elaborate recipes.

It invites them to delve into the system and tinker. And tinkering is what gamers do well. 


Realms are personal multiplayer servers. You can create your world in realms that will remain online and always accessible, even when you log off.


Nether and Nether Portals

One of the most popular realms is The Nether, a hell-like dimension, and biome that is linked to the Overworld via Nether portals.

The realm is packed with rough terrain, flames, lava seas, lava columns, Netherrack, rare minerals, and distinctive hostile mobs.

There is no other place to find a wide range of exclusive materials and products for crafting but Nether, making it a precious place to have access to.

How Traveling Works

Distance in the Nether Functions Differently

In reality, each block you move through in the Nether is the equivalent of eight blocks in the Overworld. This implies that it can be an efficient way to rapidly navigate vast distances by maneuvering through the Nether.

Nether Portals Are Not All Connected

The Nether portals are not all connected in a similar vein to the last stage. When a player moves through the Nether portal, the portal will take them to the same relative location in the Nether.

If there is no nether portal already there, it will automatically create one.

Players Can Create Multiple Nether Portals

This implies that a player can create multiple nether portals in different locations, knowing that those portals will still transport you to the same relative location in the other dimension.

Thus, it is not a bad idea to travel long distances in the Nether and then create another nether portal to return to.

How to Build a Nether Portal

You will need the following.

  • 1 Flint and Steel
  • 1 Fire Charge
  • 14 Obsidian

Tip: To trigger the Nether Portal, you can use either Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge. You won’t need both.

Crafting the Obsidian Frame

In Minecraft, to create the nether portal frame, you need 14 obsidian. The Nether portal base should have a width of 4 obsidian, and the sides of the nether portal should have a width of 5 obsidian.

Some 14 blocks of obsidian will be used in this pattern. The controls for placing each obsidian block vary depending on the version of Minecraft as per follows.

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) – right-click on the block
  • Pocket Edition (PE) – tap on the block
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One – press the LT button
  • PS3 and PS4 – press the L2 button
  • Wii U – press the ZL button.
  • Nintendo Switch – press the ZL button
  • Windows 10 Edition – right click on the block.
  • Education Edition – right click on the block.

Activating the Nether Portal

To unlock the portal, you can use either flint and steel or a fire charge. We will make use of flint and steel in this tutorial. So, in your Hotbar, pick the flint and the steel.

On a lower block of obsidian, put your pointer (the plus sign) and then use the flint and steel. Again, the controls vary. See the game control guide above.

Its center should glow and turn purple after you have used the flint and steel in the portal frame. This means that the nether portal is working, and the nether portal can now get you transported.

Walk Through the Nether Portal

Jump or walk through the purple region of the nether portal to get transported. There’ll be another portal to return you to your Minecraft world while you’re in the Nether.

Minecraft Guide: How to Build a Nether Portal
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New games are released all the time, but Minecraft will always be a favorite. Now, you can move back and forth between the Nether and the Outer as much as you want.

Once you’ve mastered the Nether itself, nothing will be able to stop you!